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September 21st 2013 Meeting Recap: Babywearing & Working out

This past Saturday we had a babywearing workout meeting. Wait what??? Babywearing and working out? Most moms after having their babies don’t want to leave them with a sitter or the gym daycare in order to work out! So that’s where babywearing comes in. Our meeting was lead by the amazing Anna from Once Upon a Sling in Bloomington! Anna will be putting together a babywearing workout class in Bloomington, so check out or FaceBook Chat group for future information on that! We also welcomed a brand new VBE, thats Volunteer Babywearing Educator, Sarah Scullin! You may remember her from a few blog posts ago and her awesome picture tutorial on the Front Cross Carry!

So first a few things Anna let us know regarding safety of baby wearing and working out. First off she suggested a two shoulder carry for babywearing and working out. So hang up your ring sling for this one. She also suggested to really listen to your body, know your limits and be aware of your baby at all times. Also don’t run or jump while babywearing! Another safety precaution was to be aware of your babies neck and head. Babies can be worn on front or back.

She started out with what she called a warm-up. I think most of us were about to call it quits just after that! We mostly worked on legs which included, lunges and squats. We did walking calf raises and this silly walk where we kept out toes in the air. We all kind of looked like penguins. We also did some standing abs with some hip flexor exercises where we lifted our knee to our elbow. We were all pretty tired so Anna demonstrated some other exercises where we could use baby as a weight, lay on our backs and push baby into the air!

There were many other exercises I know I am forgetting but you can always check out Anna’s class in Bloomington and look out for future babywearing workout meetings! Also don’t forget about Sarah and that there is now a 4th VBE to field your babywearing questions to!

Featured Carry- Front Wrap Cross Carry Variations

By B

You might remember our Featured Carry- Front Wrap Cross Carry that we did a while back. FWCC is one of my very favorite carries. As Baby Girl is getting bigger and, especially, with the hot weather, I’m finding that I don’t want to use as long of a wrap. I’ve been reaching for my shorter wraps far more. Luckily for me, there are some variations on a front wrap cross carry that give me the features of this carry that I love, but let me use a shorter wrap. I’ll share 3 variations of it with you here.

As always, we love your participation in the Featured Carry series! We’d love for you to share pictures of yourself doing the Featured Carry on our Facebook page. Feel free to share your own tips, tweaks, tutorials, videos, whatever!

The first variation is Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied Under Bum (FWCC TUB). This is nice for hot weather because there is only one layer of fabric across baby’s back. I’m using a size 3 wrap here. In all pics, baby is 11.5 (!) months.

I start by putting the center marker in the center of my body. I hold it with my chin, let one side drop and deal with the other side

I hold the top edge on the wrap, passing it from one hand to the other, behind my back

Still holding that top edge to make sure the crosses lie flat, I bring the end up

and over my shoulder. I bunch it now.

I do the same with the other side, passing it from hand to hand by the top edge, bring it across my back and over my shoulder

So I have a nice smooth X on my back, just like in regular FWCC

Now, I add baby, reaching my hand under the wrap to guide her legs through

Make sure the wrap is spread from knees to armpits

Tighten one side,

then the other

I spread out more as I go, making sure it is at least up to baby’s armpits. I also want her to be in a nice seat, with the wrap tucked underneath her bottom, knees higher than bottom. All this is exactly the same as regular Front Wrap Cross Carry.

Make sure it’s nice and snug. I tighten up both rails and the center.

This is the part of regular FWCC where you would go over and under the legs, making a cross on baby’s bottom, then tying behind your back. But in FWCC TUB, we are going to instead tie under the bum now.

Once I get that first half of the knot tied, I like to do a little bounce as I tighten that.

That gets it nice and snug. Then, I make sure that the knot is fully under baby’s bottom. This locks her legs into a seated position, so she can’t straighten them and pop out of her nice seat. I finish tying the double knot.

Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied Under Bum

The next variation is Half Front Wrap Cross Carry. I’ve been doing this carry a lot lately and really like it. The wrap here is 3.5 m.

I start with a short tail over my shoulder. I only need enough to tie a slip knot to, but have some extra wrap here, so I’m taking up some extra. I bring the wrap behind my back, again, holding the top edge so it doesn’t get twisted.

The wrap goes across my front, under the short tail, under my other arm

around my back

and up over my shoulder

Now, I add baby. Again, bringing my hand underneath the wrap to guide her legs through

Spreading the wrap out on her back, getting her in a nice seat

I tighten everything up

And bring the wrap over her shoulder, across her body and under her other leg

Then, I take the wrap straight up

and tie in either a knot

or, my preference, a slip knot

Spread that cross pass out over her bottom, from knee to knee

That’s it. Half Front Wrap Cross Carry. I think this is a really nice looking carry. It would look great for a formal occasion. You get the flowy drama of a ring sling, with the versatility of a wrap.

The last carry is the Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry. I’m doing this with a size 4, but you could definitely use a shorter wrap, possibly even a 2. I’ll have to try when my 2 comes home and update.

Normally, I would start the wrap, then add baby, but she really did not want to be put down, so I wrapped around her.

I start off with the wrap stuffed in my pocket, a generous handful of the end. I’m leaving some extra length there since I have plenty.

I go across baby and under my arm

Around my back, trying to keep things somewhat tight as I go

I go under my other arm as well, getting baby situated in her seat as I go

I bring the wrap back across baby again. The wrap hasn’t gone over either of my shoulders at this point, just wrapped around my body. It is going over both of baby’s legs.

The wrap goes under that arm again

Then up over my shoulder, on the same side that the other end of the wrap is tucked.

Tighten everything up. Take the end out of your pocket

And tie it in a slip knot (or regular knot). Spread that pass out nicely on baby’s bottom

And there you have Semi Front Wrap Cross Carry

From the back

If you’ve made it this far, you must be a hard core wrapper! Now, go take some pics and share them with us!


How’s the Featured Carry going for ya’ll? You can post pics of it on our Facebook page. We’ll critique your tying techinque. No, we really won’t. We’d love to see you guys playing along!

If you’re in the Peoria area, maybe you want to stop by our babywearing park playdate tomorrow from 10-noon at Bicycle Safety Town on Sheridan.

Last thing, if you’re on Facebook, we’d love your help winning 3 Ergo carriers for our lending library. It just takes a second! Go to this post and comment. That’s it. You don’t have to like anything. Your comment can be a simple :) or feel free to blather on about how awesome we are. We appreciate your help!

Featured Carry- Robin’s Hip Carry



Our latest featured carry is Robin’s Hip Carry.  I am a big fan of hip carries because I find it easier to wrap then a back carry but I can often do more than in a front carry because my view is not obstructed.  For me, hip carries are good for shorter durations and I especaily like this one because it is so easy to tie.  I am using a Girasol 4 for this demo but I am pretty petite.  I do have lots of extra tail though.  My baby is 8 months old.  Personally, I like to wait until a baby is able to sit up well before I try a hip carry.


Now for our featured carry, please try this carry yourself and post pictures of yourself or a link to your favorite tutorial.  Feel free to ask questions.


First I find the center of my wrap.  This carry is asymmetric so the wrap will not be centered on you baby.  I like to start with the center on the opposite shoulder of the side where the you’d like to carry the child.  Be careful not to twist the wrap.  I then move the center of the wrap forward about one foot.  You’ll want to end up with more wrap in front of you then behind you but you’ll need to try the carry a few times before you know exactly what works for you.  You can start with your baby on your hip or you can pick up your child at this point.

After you get the wrap situated, you will reach behind you and grab the edge of the wrap closest to your child.  This edge will end up as the top rail.



Holding this edge in your hand, bring the wrap around your baby.  The top edge should be armpit heighth or higher on your child.



With the bottom edge, you want to make sure you get a really good seat.  The wrap should go from knee to knee. You can pull the wrap up a little between your baby’s legs and you to get a deeper seat.


Holding that portion of the wrap in the hand close to your baby, use your other hand to grab the portion of the wrap hanging over the front of your shoulder and tighten it.


After the wrap is tight, complete a Lexi twist by crossing both ends and then crossing them again


Bring the longer portion up over your shoulder opposite baby, back around your back and under baby.



Make a double knot under baby’s butt.


You have now completed Robin’s Hip Carry.  Try it out and take some pictures to post on our Facebook page.


Happy Wrapping!!