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Meeting Recap: Emergency Babywearing

by VBE Sarah

(note: a lot of the carries we demonstrated were inspired by this blog post)

For our special topic this month, we talked about the ways in which babywearing and baby carriers can be very useful in emergency situations.


1) First we talked about uses (other than wearing a baby) for wraps or carriers in an emergency

-you can use a wrap to cross a waterway or pull someone up, as a splint, or as a tourniquet

-you can use any carrier to carry supplies

-you can carry an injured pet (although as a side note, a pillowcase is a MUCH better impromptu cat carrier than a woven wrap (eek!)). In an emergency situation, you may not have free hands for your little bitty dogs, or what if you have a really large dog that you have to move? A carrier may be the easiest way to get to the vet.


2) Next we discussed some carriers that are useful to keep in an emergency supply kit, in your car, or even under your pillow or bed

-Has your child outgrown a carrier? Instead of selling it online (the market is super slow right now), what about keeping it as an emergency carrier?

-Maybe you want to buy a specific carrier just for emergency situations. A pouch sling is an excellent choice. Pouch slings are very inexpensive and compact. Remember, though, that they are not one size fits all – you have to size a pouch sling to the wearer (different brands have different sizing schemes, but the main rule is that the sling should fit from one shoulder to the top of your opposite hip). There are also some great sscs that fold up nice and tiny, like our lending library’s Bitybean or Connecta.


3) Finally, our VBEs demonstrated how to fashion carriers out of everyday materials.

(As a general disclaimer, none of these are tested for safety. You should always use your best judgment for whether something feels safe to you. Some of the front carries we demonstrated are not entirely hands free, so always be aware of your child)


Jill showed how you can use a scarf to do a rebozo carry (or even just pretied it to fit from one shoulder to the opposite hip)


Kirsteen demonstrated a strap carry. You can use anything strap-like (a bunched up long scarf, the belt from your robe, or even some nylon rope) to carry your child on your back. This carry is exactly like a ruck tied under bum, just make sure that your child cannot get their arms under the straps, or they could fall out


Kirsteen also demonstrated how to use a bed sheet, folded lengthwise, for a rebozo carry

This isn’t pictured, but Kirsteen also threaded the scarf through a shirt for a makeshift podaegi. Sarah showed how you can also thread a scarf through the sleeves of your shirt that you are wearing to make a pocket for a newborn. Tie the tails under bum and you’re good to go!


Sarah showed how you can put a belt over your shirt for a newborn carry (not hands free, by any means!)


Sarah also demonstrated a torso towel carry


Finally, Sarah wore Jill on her back in a strap carry, to show how you can even wear an injured or infirm adult in an emergency situation


Hopefully none of us will ever need to test these skills in an emergency situation. But in the meantime, it’s not a bad idea to think about how babywearing could help you in a disaster. Do you have an emergency plan?


Tip Tuesday- Two Ways to Wear a Pouch

This week we will talk about using a pouch and the two ways to wear it.  I don’t like the pouch for when babies are under 4 months old but I think they work nicely when they are at the stage of sitting up and curious to look around.  They also are great to have in the diaper bag or leave in the car in case you need to make a quick trip into a store.  I will be using a Hotsling from the lending library.  The first way to wear it is the shoulder flip which is the way my Hotsling directions has listed.
First take the tube of fabric and fold it in half with the outside edges touching and the small tag on the outside showing.
Take your folded tube and put it over your head sash style with the edges facing up.  I like to carry on my left hip so I put my left arm through the fabric and it ends up over my right shoulder.
 Here you can see the pocket opening facing up.  You also want to position the seam so it will sit right on the baby’s bottom.
 Now you hold baby in a high burp position, reach under the pouch and guide baby’s legs through the pouch.
 Still guiding baby through the pouch to sit into the seam area. Spread the fabric to baby’s knees and place baby’s knees higher than his bottom to ensure a nice seat.
Now with baby seated in the pouch you can tighten up the top portion by pulling down the top piece of material that is sitting on your shoulder
Here is what it will look like when complete (baby does have legs out although my hand is covering that).

Now to show you how to wear the pouch with a twist.  This way is really nice if the sling is slightly too large.  

First take the tube and fold in half inside out.    You can see the tags are on the outside of the pouch.
Slide your arm through sash style but the opening will now be facing the floor.
Next you will take the bottom outside edge of the pouch and bring it up towards you.  This will bring all the tags back to the inside of the pouch.
Still keep your seam area for the baby’s bottom.  Slide baby in from a high burp position and reach under to bring the legs through.
 Bring pouch up baby’s back.

 This is what the pouch will look like when worn with the twist.  It keeps baby in snug while keeping both pouch pieces over your shoulder.  

Wedding Wearing

Babywearing at my mom’s wedding


My son was 13 months old when my mom and her husband got married.  The wedding actually took place in our backyard, so there was much more involved than simply being in the wedding.  We were making sure our guests were comfortable and keeping people drinking and eating too.  Lots to do with a toddler running around!

I chose a simple pouch sling for the occasion.  Mostly this was because it was black and matched my dress and matched my little one’s tux.  I was standing up for my mom and was able to wear my son during most of the ceremony.  He was happy, could see what was happening, and be part of the wedding without running all over!

For the reception, I wore him in a SSC (my typical carrier of choice) since it was easy to throw him on my back for and picking up after the guests.  It also was my carrier of choice for setting up that day!

This wedding was not formal so my plain pouch looked good.  However, if I am involved with amore formal wedding, I would probably opt for a fancy ring sling!

What carrier do you choose when you dress up with baby?