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Tip Tuesday -Ring Sling


This week we will talk about spreading the fabric in your Ringsling.  I keep my ringsling set to about the same position all the time with slight adjustments for taking baby in and out of the carrier.  After wearing my ringsling a few times I find that my fabric starts to look bunched up and does not glide smoothly through the rings.  It ends up looking like this.

So what I do is loosen a few inches of the fabric in the rings.

I make sure that both of my rails are nice and flat and not twisted in the rings.

This is the opposite rail spread out and flat through the rings.

Next I  start to slowly pull my spread fabric through the rings a small section at a time keeping it bunched evenly.

Pulling each section down through the rings.


Each section is nearly all the way through now spread evenly.  You can see the separate sections are spread nicely on this striped ringsling.

This is how it should look when you have all the fabric pulled through.  The fabric will spread from one end of the rings to the other side with the fabric evenly distributed.  This will help with any adjustments you need to make once you have baby in the sling.  I usually look at my ringsling after a few wearing to make sure my fabric is spread out like this.

Comfy Joey Toddler Width Silk Ring Sling Review


Comfy Joey Silk Ring Sling Review “Toddler Width in Seattle Silk” – Ages worn: 8 weeks; 12 lbs.

Brief Description:

Velvety soft, with a weave that recalls snow capped peaks and majestic pine trees, and colors that are distinctly downtown; this best-selling, high-contrast sling crowned with silver SlingRings will slip right in to your wardrobe like it had always been there.


With its grippy texture and 36 inch width, our Seattle is perfect for cuddling your toddler on a hike in the woods or on a visit to your favorite barista. Seattle’s excellent diagonal stretch yields and molds to you and your child, and the Toddler-Width CJ Hybrid Shoulder provides a cushioning effect whether worn gathered or scrunched. The effort you put into threading and adjusting this sling will yield a slip-proof, rock-solid carry.


Learning Curve: This was my second babywearing experience (first was with the Boba wrap) and I went to a Saturday Meet-up. I was given one-on-one assistance on how to measure out the right length for my body and how to tighten/loosen around the rings. Once I was shown how to do it, I tried it myself and that’s all the help needed. Very easy to pick up after you’ve seen it done in person. (Shameless meeting plug – Go to a meeting; they’re super helpful!!!).


Activities: I wore my daughter around the house mostly, as we didn’t get out and about during these few weeks. Most activities consisted of snuggling, rocking, walking outside, pushing Big Brother outside in the swing, picking up around the house, etc.


Innovation: I absolutely loved how easy it is to get your babe in and out of the sling. By looking at it, I thought it was going to be struggle, but I learned it’s very easy to use for a new wearer like myself. Loved how this product was a standard size and a good fit for my plus-sized body, as well as my skinny-minny mother. No special attachments/extensions needed. That’s a plus for this plus-sized girl!


Ease of Nursing: I’m not a huge fan of nursing with it on. Not because of the wrap; it’s just my preference to be sitting down in a sturdy chair.

Safety: I felt completely comfortable with my daughter in the sling. I just ensured she was tightly tucked in around her bum, and she was good to go.


Storage: The storage is very simple. This sling doesn’t wrinkle much at all, so you can throw it in the purse/diaper bag and go.

Comfy Joey Linen Ring Sling Review



For convenience, nothing beats a ring sling, it is a fast, user friendly carrier.  I think that I discovered all other carrier types before I tried a ring sling, and I wish I had used one earlier.  The one I tried was a beautiful teal Comfy Joey linen sling.  Previously, I had thought that SSCs were the most convenient but I definitely found the ring sling was better.  You just place the ring sling over one shoulder, pop your baby in and you are good to go.


I used this carrier with my 7 month old.  I mainly used at home for shorter periods of time since it is a one shoulder carrier.  I would put him in it when I was getting dressed in the morning and have him in it until it was time to go.  I also used it a couple times when I was taking my children somewhere I would be staying a while.  I wore it in to a birthday party so I could carry my baby, a present and have a hand open for my other child.  I continued to wear it at the party until everyone was acclimated and then took him out to crawl around with the other kids.


Another thing, I like about about this Comfy Joey ring sling is that it is pretty enough to wear for formal or dress up occasions.  I think ring slings are the best for this.  Other carriers can really detract from what you are wearing but a nice ring sling can really enhance an outfit.  I took it church and ended up using it.  I was glad I had it because the tail makes a handy nursing cover.

Tip Tuesday

Today’s tip is about threading and sizing your Ringsling.  Pull your fabric up through both rings and back down through one.

Throughly spread fabric around your rungs leaving each edge free of bunches.

Measure from your shoulder to hip.

Put your Ringsling over one shoulder, remember to keep your rings in a nice high corsage position.

The lowest point of your sling should be about at your bellybutton.  Now you will have a nice sized pocket to load you baby in with having to adjust your sling too much.

Newborn in Ring Sling

By B

I’ve had a few discussions lately about positioning a newborn in a carrier, so I thought I’d discuss it here. You can safely position your newborn upright in a carrier from birth. This is actually the safest option, as it is easiest to get baby properly positioned upright, rather than in a cradle position. We recommend using the cradle position for nursing only, then returning baby to an upright position after nursing. I actually nurse(d) baby in an upright position when possible. Here’s a pic of me wearing my baby upright in a ring sling at 3 days old:

You can see that she is legs out, my preferred position for babies of all ages. The fabric is spread to her knees and her knees are higher than her bottom, creating a nice seat for her. The fabric is tucked up under her bottom a bit, between us. Her legs are how she would naturally hold them when picked up. This is a natural carrying position, mimicking an in arms carry.

I think the concern people have with positioning their baby upright is that baby will somehow fall out the bottom. In this seated position, that isn’t possible.

The fabric comes up to support her little neck, but doesn’t cover her face. Her head is turned to the side, so her airway is unobstructed. I can see her face. I can kiss her head.

Keep your eye out for our video demoing how to do this!


Babywearing Saves Vacation

By B

We recently went on an overnight trip with some friends. There was a lot of babywearing going on and it helped in a number of different situations.

First, when we were heading in to the hotel, I was able to wear Miss Little and help us get our many bags in. I tied her on in my woven wrap, carried a duffel and had a free hand to hold onto Big Brother.

When we went to the indoor water park, I wore her in the Comfy Joey water ring sling. (I was WOWED by this. Review coming soon.) I wasn’t sure how this would go. Miss Little hasn’t been to a pool since she was tiny. This one was somewhat noisy, since it was indoors. So, I was prepared to leave Big Brother with Daddy and split if need be. Babywearing enabled us to hang out as a family. The sling made her feel cozy and secure, even though we were in a strange new environment. She snuggled up against me and took it all in. In the pool, I was able to help Big Brother swim around, knowing Miss Little was safely attached to me.

After the pool, we went to dinner at a hibachi grill in the hotel. I thought the Scootababy was a perfect choice here. I started off in a hip carry, moved baby to a back carry while I loaded up my bowl, back to my hip to watch the grilling, then, a bit more to the front so she could nurse while I ate, all without removing the carrier! That is one of the best features of the Scootababy, the ability to change baby’s position with a minimum amount of fiddling.

At the other end of the table, there was some toddlerwearing going on.

After dinner, we did more babwearing– while bowling! This worked out great, especially for one of our fellow travelers, there by herself with her toddler and preschooler. Babywearing helped her get everyone where they needed to be.

She was able to help her preschooler bowl

and even take some turns herself.

I did not bowl, but did wear Miss Little around in the Scootababy there.

The next morning, I wore baby to breakfast in a wrap, enabling me to eat breakfast with both hands without needing to put her in a high chair at the restaurant.

Next, we went to the arcade, where I was able to help Big Brother play a few games while Miss Little escaped the overstimulating environment with a nap.

Babywearing made this little trip soooo much easier! I’d love to hear your adventures babywearing while traveling!


Tip Tuesday: A Use for Your Ring Sling Tail

We’re starting a new feature here at the Babywearing International of Peoria blog, Tips and Tweaks Tuesday! We hope to bring you a different tip or tweak each week. This week, we talk about another use for the tail of your ring sling.

Try this when you want to have baby’s legs covered, either for warmth or sun protection.

You can take the tail of your ring sling,

bring it over the legs,

tuck one end up under the bottom edge of your pocket,

and you will have a nice cover for little legs.

Comfy Joey Linen Ring Sling Review

By V

I used the Comfy Joey ring sling with my 3 month old son in a front carry. I am familiar with the ring sling but I remember when I first used one I thought it was fairly simple – although I had been accustomed to the pouch, which is similar. The tricky part for me is remembering which side I want the rings on! The ring sling isn’t my personal favorite carrier for an infant as I favor the stretchy wrap, however I do like the ring sling for quick access. It is nice to have a carrier around the house you can throw on in a hurry, drop baby in, and go about your duties as needed. It fits nicely in the diaper bag and is easy to put on when you’re out and about. It is a nice carrier to put on under your winter coat before leaving the house as it isn’t bulky. Then you can just drop baby in and cover with your coat as you walk outside.

I personally wouldn’t use a ring sling for a long period of time at this stage in my son’s life as he falls asleep quickly and I feel like I have to support with one hand when I’m trying to get things done around the house – and that requires lots of bending! Though he does love the rings to chomp on as we go about our business! I have found that it is my favorite carrier to use during Sunday School and at church due to its easy accessibility. I can cover up with the tail while nursing, pull it off and on quickly, and put it on while holding him, which is especially useful when he has fallen asleep.

I love the electric blue color of this carrier! The fabric is easy to move through the rings to adjust, yet I felt that he was very secure and the fabric didn’t slide out as we moved about. I would use this ring sling in any season here in good ole Illinois.