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What can you do while babywearing? Everyday things, novel things

By H


Every parent has experienced missing that hot, tasty dinner because
baby needed you.  This seems to happen most often at dinner, but
sometimes other meals are left to get cold or soggy.

A few partially successful solutions (as you know nothing will work
100% of the time) could be to nurse (if you are a nursing mom) or hold
baby while you eat one handed.  Like I said, this works some of the
time but let’s face it, there are just some foods like a fajita or a
cup of soup that you just can’t eat that way.  You will either end up
with a very messy baby or you will risk burning them.

So, my newest partially successful solution is to wear baby on my back
while I am eating.  I have been occasionally wearing him on the
front, but he can’t see what is happening and this still could result
in messy baby.  Wearing him on my back been especially helpful now
that my little one is reaching for everything in sight and pulling it
off the table.  He is happy because he can see what is happening and
he is still nice and close to me.

Works great at restaurants too!  So much easier to help my 3 year old
with his meal when baby is not right in the middle.  Restaurants are
actually even better than home because there is so much more to see
(and right from the safety of your parent).  Works best for tables not

Give it a try and let us know how it worked for you.

What is easier for you while baby wearing?  Send us your suggestion
and we will give it a try!

Babywearing makes for peaceful sleep

By B

Just some musings from me on the babywearing we’ve been doing lately: I’ve been wearing Baby Girl, 5.5 mos, on my back a lot these days, getting dishes done, doing laundry, helping Big Brother. Back carries have been so tremendously helpful to me in actually being able to get things done while I’m with my baby.

The three of us were baking cookies the other day and it struck me just how safe and secure babywearing make Baby Girl feel. I know that she always naps better in a carrier. When I get out the wrap and tie her on, she knows I’m not going to put her down. She doesn’t try to fight sleep, just goes with the flow. Anyway, we were making cookies and she fell asleep on my back in a wrap.

I turned on the mixer, mixing butter in a glass bowl. It was loud. She lifted her head a moment, looked around, realized I was still there and went back to sleep. This was so cool! That definitely would not have happened had she been asleep not on me. She knew that she was close to mama, so, even though there was a loud noise, she was tied in safe and cozy and she could rest. Yay, babywearing!

Another shot of the adorableness:

For any wrap geeks out there, this is a Girasol Big Sur, 3.6 m, tied in a Jordan’s Back Carry.



Scootababy Review

By K

Carrier- Scootababy
Used with a 15 month old.
The Scootababy is a buckle carrier that is made to use in a hip carry position, mimicking a natural way to hold a child.
This carrier was new to me in the hip carry aspect, but I am familiar with buckle carriers. It was simple to use and would be good for a beginner as there are not many variations, but basically one way to wear your child.
The Scootababy is useful for many activities. It’s a great carrier for around the house. Doing laundry, dishes, and vacuuming were easy while wearing the Scootababy. It is also a great carrier for out and about. You can quickly slip it on and off, so trips to the store are simple. Its ease is comparable to a ring sling or buckle tai and it is even simpler than a wrap or mei tai, as there is nothing to tie or wrap.
One feature I loved about the Scootababy was the wide shoulder strap. It was spreadable and made of a stretchy material which was also supportive. It took pressure off of the shoulder in use and did not dig in at all. I also liked the ease in which the material slid through the buckles. This made it easy to adjust once you are wearing your child.
It was fairly easy to nurse in the Scootababy, however nursing discreetly without a cover would be difficult. I nurse in carriers only sometimes and having my child on my front is the easiest option for nursing at this point.
I feel that the Scootababy would be a good option for any type of weather. It doesn’t cover a lot of your body, so staying cool in the summer would be easy. It still allows your child to be snuggled in to you, therefore keeping you both a bit warmer in cool weather.
I felt like my child was very secure in the Scootababy. The straps pull tightly to keep her close and the body was the perfect size to keep her safe.  I feel like the Scootababy was a very safe carrier.
The Scootababy would be a good carrier for a baby from 6 months all the way past 2 years. Any child that you would normally carry on your hip would do well in this carrier.
One of my favorite features about the Scootababy was the drawstring bag that came with it. It folded up nicely and fit snugly into its bag. The bag slid right into a diaper bag or the car and made the carrier handy at all times.

Catbird Mei Tai

By H

Carrier: Catbird Baby


Reviewed with children age (s)

  • 6-18 months

Brief Description
Catbird is a mei tai style carrier, tying around your waist and around baby.  It can be used in forward, back & hip carries.  The colors and patterns are very stylish and come in a variety for suiting either mommy or daddy.

Learning curve
I typically use a SSC type carrier or a pouch.  This was a big learning curve for me because I am not used to making adjustments each time (i.e. tying to size) since my carriers are already adjusted to my size.  Because this was new to me, it took me a while to be sure I was tying the carrier in a supportive position for both me and baby. I had to request guidance from one of BWI of Peoria’s VBEs.(Volunteer Babywearing Educator)

I also found this article on weight distribution in front carries to be helpful

For back carries, I am used to using a chest strap, so I felt a little uncomfortable with the standard rucksack carry .  The VBE taught me how to do a Tibetan tie.  The ties are demonstrated here:  This type of tying helps distribute baby’s weight more evenly and allowed me to carry him for a longer stretch of time.

This would be a good everyday carrier.  Easy to use for housework and light walking, such as grocery shopping or mall walking.  Once you are accustomed to tying, it would be fairly easy to use this for medium quick trips (although I would worry about straps getting wet or dirty in inclement weather).

This carrier could be used from infant to toddler because of the range of adjustability.

Easy to fold up and the carrier would fit in a large diaper bag. Easy to fold flat in a suitcase for traveling or in a drawer or closet.

This would be easy for parents of different sizes to share since tying allows you to adjust.  Longer straps are available for people with a larger build.

Olives and Applesauce Soft Structured Carrier Review



I am reviewing this carrier with my 21
month old.


Brief Description

-The Olives and
Applesauce carrier is a Soft Structured Carrier.  It has a curved
waist belt, straight straps, an infant harness built into the body of
the carrier, and an adjustable hood. 


Learning curve

-I own and use an Ergo Baby Carrier, which is also an SSC, so I am familiar with this
carrier style.  I find most SSCs easy to use and simple to get on and
off.  If I were new to babywearing, this O&A SSC would be a great
carrier to try because of the built in infant harness.  Most other
SSC carriers require some type of extra device or a folded receiving
blanket to adequately support a smaller baby.  This O&A has a
built in harness which makes me think it would be much easier to use
with a small baby.  My ‘baby’ is 21 months old, and weighs 29
pounds, so I couldn’t actually use the harness with her



-The O&A SSC would be great for all types of activities.  During my review period,
I used the carrier while vacuuming the house, doing dishes, and on a
family walk.  For me, this carrier was great for long carries in the
front position because of the criss-cross back straps.  I could only
use it for short carries when my daughter was on my back.  I think
that is just a preference issue….I’m used to curved shoulder
straps and the O&A straps are straight. 



The most innovative feature is the infant harness built into the body of the
carrier.  I can’t wait to try that out when I have another baby

Weather considerations

I used the carrier outside on a family walk while it was cold and windy.  I
dressed my daughter in her warm winter clothes and she was toasty
warm!  I like how adjustable the straps are to accommodate the extra
clothing when wearing her outside in the cold.




Picture Day 1

I know these are supposed to be wordless, so I’ll keep it to a minimum. I’m going to try something new, with posting a cool pic a week of babywearing. I’ll start with babywearing in awesome locations. If you have a pic of yourself or your partner babywearing someplace fabulous that you’d like to share, feel free to email it to us.

Comfy Joey Toddler Width Silk Ring Sling Review

By B


I tried this with my 3.5 year old, 35 lb “toddler” because he’s the toddlerest child I have available. We’ve been experiencing a resurgence in the babywearing love with all of these new carriers coming in!

First impressions:

I love the smell of silk!

These come with a DVD of the Wearing a Ring Sling portion of the Tummy 2 Tummy DVD, THE babywearing instructional DVD. I think this is very cool. Also, on the sewn in tag, there are mini wearing instructions.

Comfy Joey used to make the most beautiful, most compact pouches around. I own one and it still lives in my diaper bag for babywearing emergencies. They switched over to making ring slings a while ago and make some of the most beautiful ring slings around. Currently, there is the toddler silk, linen and water slings.

The toddler width silk is really toddler width! My tall 3 year old was able to squish in to ride arms in. I love the pattens these come in. They are classic, neutral AND they would be very good at disguising the stains and marks that are part of toddler wearing.

This is good for up to 35 lbs, which my son is. Now, this isn’t going to be suitable for going on a hike, but it will definitely get you through the grocery store. Ring slings fold up pretty small, so this would be a good diaper bag choice.

Ring slings are also a good choice for quick ins and outs. Since they are a more “poppable” carrier, these are great for running errands. I like to put a ring sling on under my coat when I know we are going to be in and out of the car a lot. I tuck baby in quickly and zip my coat around us both, then hurry into the store. That leaves my hands free to hold an older child’s hand, push a cart or carry bags.

When I nurse in a ring sling, I just loosen the sling until the baby is low enough, then nurse her upright. For a small baby, you can recline them into a cradle position if you desire. In that instance, be sure that the fabric comes up between you and baby and that baby is in a “check mark” position, rather than a “c” shape. Her chin should NEVER be pressed to her chest.

Ring slings are great to nurse in since you can use the tail for a little extra coverage. The tail can also be a sleep or sun shade or tuck over baby’s legs to protect from sun or cold. (Remember, before you put anything over baby’s face, put it over your mouth. If it’s hard for you to breath throught, it’s hard for baby to breath through!)

This is a little hard to adjust at first, but I’d bet that after washing and a bit of wear, it slides more easily.

I think something like this would be a great choice for a formal event.

Catbird Mei Tai


By B

This Catbird Baby Mei Tai was donated by Once Upon a Sling.

They have 2 exclusive prints in this carrier, the Citron Birds and Owl Owls. They also have a number of other prints. I love the Citron Birds!

With the yellow and grey and the birds, it feels very trendy. I really like that it’s an exclusive. You know that a bajillion other people aren’t going to be wearing the exact same carrier as you, even if you are with a lot of other babywearers. These carriers are well priced, $89, with the “Babywearing Essentials” Catbird priced at only $69. If you’re on a tighter budget, this is a great way to try out a quality carrier for less money.

When wearing a mei tai  in a front carry, I prefer to cross the straps over babies butt and tie behind my back. It gives more support for a heavier baby.  I like that the straps on the Catbird are just long enough for me to criss cross in the front.

The Catbird has a flat hood, great for supporting a sleeping baby’s head. It ties onto the shoulder straps. The hood can be folded inside when not in use.

A unique feature of the Catbird is the elastic adjustment loop. You can use this to make the base of the carrier smaller.

Catbird says you can carry front facing out this way. I’m still not a fan of front facing out, but if you really must, this is a carrier that can do it in a more supportive fashion than many. I would use the base adjustment to enable a tiny baby to ride legs out. My daughter was not into the froggie legs in carriers as a teensy baby. She really preferred to ride legs out. This carrier would enable you to do that from a young age.

Mei tais are my favorite carrier for on the go. You can tie the waist on and leave it tied while you pop in and out of the car. We travel by bus sometimes. I really really like mei tais for that. You can start off with baby on the front, then, without taking the carrier off, move baby to a back carry. You just do the hip scoot.

I like nursing in mei tais as well. You just untie the shoulder straps, lower baby to nursing level and retie. Baby nurses upright in the carrier. You have a lot of coverage in this as well.

Apparently, this carrier also tastes great!