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Kozy Review


with children age (s)

  1. 0-6
  2. 6-18



Brief Description

This carrier is a mei tai, so everything is tied – no buckles.


Learning Curve

I  like Mei Tai’s, I feel they are easy enough for newbies to figure out. I figured
one out with my daughter when she was first born, though I did make sure I
watched a few tutorials or had friends show me how to wear it for



I used this carrier with both a 6 month old and a 12 month old.

I like the mei tai over a soft-structured carrier (such as Ergo or Bamberoo) for
getting a nice close fit. Especially with the 6 month old, it was nice for naps
& walks so she would be snug and close to me (especially in the colder


I liked the Mei Tai for longer wearing. Around the house for activies or for
walks. I still prefer a soft-structured carrier for quicker trips. Such as
getting in and out of car or just running up down stairs in my house (when I am
caring for the 6 month old and my daughter, 12 months old, I always have to have
someone in the carrier when we are going up/downstairs). And personally I still
prefer SSCs for nursing as I can get the straps just right for each side. I
prefered the mei tai for longer times wearing so I could get her snug and
comfortably tucked in and she could hang out for a while.


I was able to do both front and back carries. I didnt attempt the side carry, but
hope to as some point. I know Kozy has instructions on their website.



I have an older Kozy, and I could tell the differences between the two for sure!
This one (the newer one) has longer straps and much wider, supportive straps. It
was much more comfortable for longer wearing. I also appreciated the curved
‘head rest’ at the top, this was nicer – especially for my older – taller –
child. And I also appreciated the ‘dad-friendly’ or neutral print. Even for
myself (& my husband) – we prefer solid colors.


Olives and Applesauce Soft Structured Carrier

By B

We got this amazingly beautiful soft structured carrier in the mail today, a fantastic donation from Olives and Applesauce. I’ll be honest, when I took this out of the package, I gasped at how absolutely darling it is! Well, Little Miss was napping, so I begged and pleaded and practically bribed Big Brother to get help me try it out. Now, this guy is 3.5, maybe 35 lbs. He was worn daily until he was around 2 and was last worn maybe 8 months ago, at some point during my second trimester. I’ve used the O&A Toddler Carrier, which has an 18″ body. Big Brother is a tall fellow and likes to ride with his arms in, so if I were getting a carrier just for him, it would be the 18″. That said, I was surprised at how well the 16″ worked for him. He’s tall for his age, but this still worked out great. He was super snuggled up in there. He even got a little sleepy!

When Little Miss got up, I decided to try wearing both of them. This is something he’s been wanting to do for a while. My usual wearing two set up is with baby in front in a ring sling and big kid on back in a SSC (more on that another time). I decided it would probably work equally well with baby in a stretchy wrap, so we tried the Wrapsody (reviewed here). It worked out great! So, here’s me wearing, like 50 lbs of kid:

Look how happy we all are! We LOVE babywearing! I wore them both around for maybe half an hour after this, until he wanted to go play on the swings.

Here are some pics taken by Sara of Treasured Images by Sara for O&A (used with permission). The model is our friend Amanda.

Things I like about this carrier:

-It’s gorgeous!!!

-Buckle carriers have a fairly short learning curve. You throw it on and go, less fiddling than some carriers.

-It is suitable for front, back and hip carries.

-It has all sorts of nifty little features, like straps to secure the webbing. Notice how no matter how much it’s tightened, there are no hanging straps? It gives you a neater look. You can tell these carriers are designed by a babywearing mama.

-It has a strap to secure it when it’s rolled up. This makes it much easier to carry it with you, cram it in the diaper bag, or even keep it on  your waist until the next time your active toddler wants up.

-This is a very supportive carrier. I could definitely wear my 35 lb son around in this for a while.

-Buckle carriers are quick to get on and off, great for the child who wants to get up, then get down.

-Buckles tend to be popular with dads!

With the ingenious infant harness, you can wear this carrier with an itty bitty, making it possible for an O&A to be *gasp* your ONLY carrier from little to big. Here’s my little sweet potato being modeled for the O&A commercial shoot I helped out with. She’s 2 months old here. Her little legs are “froggied” inside. 

If I can ever pry big brother out of it, I’ll be taking some pics of me wearing her in it. I tried, but he announced that it was “not for babies, for kids!”.

So, let’s discuss the infant harness. This is pretty brilliant.

Here, buckled in

There are 2 levels that baby can sit at inside of it, raised and lowered by velcro.

Here, unbuckled, on highest level, then lowered a bit

That is the one drawback I’ve noticed in this carrier. Baby girl wears cloth diapers and knit wool pants. The knit wool and the Velcro didn’t really gel too well. We’ll be wearing regular pants on our next attempt. This issue could be pretty easily solved by tucking a blanket in over the velcro. Once baby is in the harness, it’s buckled in to the body of the carrier to be secure. This not only holds a smaller baby up high enough, it secures them. If you are nervous about doing back carries, you will LOVE this harness. Since baby is already buckled in securely, you don’t have to hold onto him as much when you put him on your back. For a novice, this is fantastic! The harness is just made of fabric, so it is easy to lay it flat against the carrier (not using it) for a bigger child.

There’s also a sleep hood. This retracts into the body of the carrier for storage. When baby falls asleep, you can pull it out and fasten the buckles to the straps. This keeps baby’s head from flopping around while sleeping, which is especially helpful for back carries.

Hood out

See, it tucks in here


The nitty gritty from the website. It has a dual adjustable waist. It cinches down small enough for everyone I know. It also expands quite a bit. I don’t know anyone who wishes they had an extender for this.

Update: well, after having the carrier forever, I still haven’t managed to get any pics of it with baby girl. So, I’m going to go ahead and put this up and hope to get pics with her at some point.

Onya Carrier on a chair

By B


Wow wow wow! This is seriously the most innovative feature I’ve seen on a carrier in a while! So, you can use the Onya as a carrier, then, in a pinch, you can use it as, basically, a high chair. Or, rather, you use it to convert a regular chair into a high chair. After the comment about it yesterday, I watched the video on how to use the Onya on a chair. I’ll be honest. I thought this would be a hassle, a secondary feature that wasn’t actually worth using. I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong! So, I watched the video at home, a few hours before the meeting. I brought along the instruction book in case I needed to reference it. After the meeting, we took a go trying it as a chair carrier with an 8 month old. It was super easy to remember how to use. In one of the many handy pockets, there’s a hidden seat. There’s even a tether for if you’re using it with a chair at a table. This is to keep baby from accidentally kicking himself over. I would say you could use this with any baby you would normally put in a high chair, so a sitting up age baby. Seriously, brilliant!


By B

Onya Baby Carrier

My first impression on taking this out of the box was how very well matched everything ont his carrier is. The buckles are brown, the straps are brown, even the webbing is brown, rather than the normal black. This carrier coordinates everything beautifully!

The next thing I noticed was how well written the instruction book was. It’s really a book, not a booklet or an instruction sheet. It details, with pictures, several ways to get baby onto your back, several ways to wear the straps for front carries, even how to nurse in it. This is a fantastically detailed set of instructions! Very, very helpful for a carrier newbie.

Back to the fabulous brown webbing for a minute. I’ve only ever seen black webbing on SSCs. It’s all the same, on every carrier I’ve seen, except for this one. The webbing reminds me of a car seat strap. It’s very smooth and super duper soft, but clearly very sturdy. It has elastics on the end to prevent the excess from dangling.

I can see some needing an extender belt for the waist. The shoulder straps had lots of room, though. This would be a great fit for a busty mama or someone with a long torso.

For front carries, you can wear the straps criss crossed or rucksack style with the chest belt. I REALLY like carriers that give you the option as we all have different preferences. I tried the criss cross first, as that is normally what I would do. I decided to switch it up and try the chest belt. I’m really glad that I did. I found that way much more comfortable, a surprise! It’s very comfortable either way. I really like that the chest belt can be slid up and down the straps, making it easy to reach.

I wore this with my 17 lb 5 month old and my 35 lb 3.5 year old. She is on the small end of the recommendation for this carrier, but it fit perfectly. She could see out without any modifications, but she still had plenty of head support. She fell asleep twice in this! She was low enough that we didn’t test out the sleep hood.

The sleep hood folds away into its own little pocket. It is sort of a hoody hood that snaps onto the shoulder straps. I tried it with DS and it was almost big enough for him. He won’t be taking naps in a carrier any time soon, though, so it’s fine. This carrier has been tested up to 45 lbs. We don’t normally wear Mr Big Man for long periods of time at this point, but I was able to comfortable wear this for the half hour he was interested.

I found it very easy to nurse in this carrier. I do a lot of carrier nursing, but not too often in SSCs. It was easy to adjust the straps to just lower baby down to the right height. I tried it once with the criss cross straps. In that case, I did find it easier to lift my boob up a little. With the rucksack style straps, I just lowered her right down. So, again, liking the rucksack straps on this. I think it offered very good coverage. So, I took some pics.

From the front

From the side

There are several dandy pockets on this, a tiny one with a zipper and a larger one with zippers on either side. This would be nice to shove your cold hands on a chilly walk. There are also several straps and loops where you could hang your keys, a toy or a paci chain.




Shower wearing

One of my very first sling purchases, when my now 3.5 year old was tiny was a shower ring sling. He was a baby who did not want to be put down and I was a mama who didn’t want to put him down. I tried showering with him once just holding him. It felt so dangerous! He was so tiny, so slippery. My husband insisted that I buy a sling if I were going to shower with him. So, I did. I got a water mesh ring sling, made from the sort of material that a football jersey is. It just doesn’t soak up the water. I wore it all the time with my son. We’ve used it for pool wearing as well. Now, with my daughter, we have 3 in the shower at times and the water sling is key. It allows me to help big brother shampoo his hair without trying to grip a sudsy squirmer.

These are also great for use in the pool. If you get a bit longer tail, you can pull it over and tuck it in on the opposite side, to shade baby’s legs a bit more. We did this last year at the pool.

Now, Comfy Joey has water slings! They are in an assortment of cute colors (as are all things CJ), not just the standard black and white. They also have the super comfy Comfy Joey hybrid shoulder. The material is a bit different from my other water sling. The mesh is more tightly woven, the holes smaller. This makes is much less slippy when dry. I bet this also is an improvement for use in the sun, better sun shading, while still being very breathable. (These do NOT have built in UV protection, so you should still be using sunblock if you are not keeping baby in the shade.)