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Comfy Joey Linen Ring Sling Review

By V

I used the Comfy Joey ring sling with my 3 month old son in a front carry. I am familiar with the ring sling but I remember when I first used one I thought it was fairly simple – although I had been accustomed to the pouch, which is similar. The tricky part for me is remembering which side I want the rings on! The ring sling isn’t my personal favorite carrier for an infant as I favor the stretchy wrap, however I do like the ring sling for quick access. It is nice to have a carrier around the house you can throw on in a hurry, drop baby in, and go about your duties as needed. It fits nicely in the diaper bag and is easy to put on when you’re out and about. It is a nice carrier to put on under your winter coat before leaving the house as it isn’t bulky. Then you can just drop baby in and cover with your coat as you walk outside.

I personally wouldn’t use a ring sling for a long period of time at this stage in my son’s life as he falls asleep quickly and I feel like I have to support with one hand when I’m trying to get things done around the house – and that requires lots of bending! Though he does love the rings to chomp on as we go about our business! I have found that it is my favorite carrier to use during Sunday School and at church due to its easy accessibility. I can cover up with the tail while nursing, pull it off and on quickly, and put it on while holding him, which is especially useful when he has fallen asleep.

I love the electric blue color of this carrier! The fabric is easy to move through the rings to adjust, yet I felt that he was very secure and the fabric didn’t slide out as we moved about. I would use this ring sling in any season here in good ole Illinois.


How to Make Drool Pads


Today I decided to make a pair of drool pads for my carrier.  I am wearing a one year old that loves to chew on the straps of my carrier so I thought I should really get a pair of covers so I don’t need to wash my carrier so often and protect the straps from fading.

First I cut 2 pieces each of designer cotton fabric and terry cloth 8″ x 11″

I then pinned the wrong sides together, leaving a 2″ gap for turning on one side.

I sewed a 1/2 seam allowance around all three sides starting at my pin marking the gap and stopping at the other side of the gap.

Then clip your corners and turn right sides out and iron flat

I topstitched the drool pads to close the opening and make everything lay nice and flat.


You could use velcro or snaps to keep your drool pads closed.  I decided to use snaps for mine since I have longish hair and didn’t want anything to snag on the velcro.  I used three and spaced them out with one in the middle at 3.5″ and the other two 1.5″ from the top and bottom.  I think next time I will move the top and bottom snaps to 1″ instead of 1.5″.   I placed snaps 1″ in from the seam on the underside and .5″ in from the seam on the opposite end so the pad ends up about 4″ in width to accommodate most shoulder straps.  Remember to make sure you place your snaps on facing the correct way since they are a pain to remove once pressed into place.

Babywearing While Pregnant



Baby-wearing over my growing baby-bump.

My son Fox, was the type of baby who couldn’t stand to be put down, ever. So scenes like this were pretty common around our house in the mornings. My Moby and eventually Action Baby Carrier became parts of my everyday wardrobe, and we both loved the benefits of being close. But then I got pregnant! Poor Fox quickly realized how his world was going to change being bumped from the privileged status of only-child to making room for the new baby. Sadly, even his favorite spot on my back was being affected. As my belly grew, the exhastion, nausea, and sore back led to wearing him less and less. I just hoped it was good practice to walk and hold my hand instead.

This last week or so has turned rough with some new separation anxiety and a very clingy little boy. Maybe I was inspired by the BWI meeting Monday night, but I decided to try our old morning trick and see if it might help. So this morning, I returned him to his special spot on my back while I got ready for work. I’d almost forgotten how great it was to be together like that while getting ready in the mornings. Working full time it’s so important not to waste those extra little bits of time we can spend connecting. Instead of propping him in front of  cartoon while I isolated myself in the bathroom, we played peek-a-boo in the mirror and Mater and McQueen raced a few laps over the back of my neck. I found that pulling the waste-band buckle up over my big belly was just as comfortable as when I used it wear it below. And distributing the weight evenly that way even made my back feel better than hoisting him up and down from my hip. And the best part was he got his needs met and when I had to leave for work, there were no tears, just a big kiss and a “bye-bye mommy!” I suppose it’s not too late for a New Year’s Resolution, so I’m going to get back in the routine of baby-wearing. And I may be wearing one on the inside for now, but this is warming me up for wearing them together in a couple of months!




Comfy Joey Linen Ring Sling Review

By B

I tried the Comfy Joey linen ring sling with my 5 month old. At first, when I put her into it, I thought, Ah, I guess we’re in that can’t-wear-a-ring-sling-because-we-won’t-bend-our-legs stage, where baby insists on keeping her legs straight. Since part of safely wearing a ring sling is having the fabric spread from knees to arm pits (at least), it can be really hard to wear the straight legged baby. You can’t really get a good seat. You just keep bending baby’s knees, seating her, spreading the fabric to her knees. She keeps standing up, causing the fabric to ride up to her butt. No fun. This is the stage of babywearing when I put ring slings away for a while. THEN, I had a brilliant idea! If I put her on my hip, she’ll be forced into a more seated position. Well, it worked! So, if you’re having trouble with baby straightening her legs and slipping in the ring sling, try hip carries for a while. Now, on to the actual review.

This ring sling, like all Comfy Joey slings comes with the Wearing a Ring Sling portion of the Tummy 2 Tummy video, a fantastic instructional video.

It’s made of linen. This means it needs a little breaking in before it’s super soft. Right out of the box, it’s a little crisp or crunchy. To break in carriers, I treat it like my “wubby”. I carry it around with me, I sit on it, I smush it around while I’m watching TV. I even sleep on them. (I won’t be sleeping on this one, though.) I’ve heard steam ironing is good for breaking them in as well, but I’m sort of anti iron. OK, so linen is really supportive. It’s also really breathable and cool. This would be a fantastic sling for summer. I’m also a huge fan of ring slings for running errands in cool weather. You can put the sling on, under your coat, before leaving. Then, you just pop baby from the carseat, right into the sling and close your coat around the both of you. Cozy!

Something cool about Comfy Joey is that they come out with new colors each season. So, you can get something summery for the summer, something fallish for fall. All of their stuff is really beautiful and stylish. You just feel put together in their carriers.

One of the best tips I have for wearing a ring sling is to make sure it is tight enough BEFORE you slip it on. A lot of people (me included, back in the day!) have trouble with the rings on their ring sling ending up too low, like in the middle of their chest. You want the rings to end up in a high corsage position. If your rings are ending up too low, you need to start with the sling tighter. Here’s a tip: the amount of space you need is the distance from your shoulder straight down (not diagonally) to your hip. If you start around that tight, you generally end up pretty close to where you need to be.

For nursing in a ring sling, you can recline baby to a cradle position (make sure you pull up that edge between you and baby and make sure baby’s body is shaped like a checkmark, rather than a C) or, my personal preference, nursing upright. I just loosen the sling until baby is at nipple height. I do have to use my hand to hold baby’s head when they are small, but it is much easier than the alternative. I have walked through stores, pushing a cart and nursing in a ring sling.

This would be a great diaper bag carrier as ring slings pack up really small. I’ve also heard of people keeping an emergency carrier in their glove box or hanging on their bed (to get 2 kids out in the event of a fire).

As for age, I really love a ring sling for newborns. That was the first carrier I wore my daughter in. You can wear a newborn upright from the beginning. It’s so cozy with them all balled up. A supportive ring sling is also great for toddlers, who like to get up and down too much to make it worthwhile to put into something more complicated.

My bottom line: IMO, these are among THE most beautful ring slings out there. They would be fantastic for any formal or fancy occasion, but they are sturdy enough for every day. They are much, much more affordable than other occasion slings I’ve seen. Great for the diaper bag and on the go, these work for every age.


Gratuitous adorable baby shot:



Bamberoo Mei Tai

By B

I had an opportunity to work with Edit, the owner of Bamberoo, to have this carrier custom made. I’ve never had a custom anything made and I had lots of questions. I wanted to make sure we covered as many of their custom options as possible between the two carriers (we also have the Bamberoo Soft Structured Carrier). Between deciding on fabric, strap material, body size, body shaping, hood style, strap length, we had quite a few back and forths. Edit could not have been nicer or easier to work with. If you are in the market for a custom, I can recommend this vendor, if you can get a custom slot! She has a wide variety of beautiful fabrics for straps and body. Bamberoos are super customizable, so you can get exactly the carrier you want.

On to the carrier. I tried this with my 17ish lb 5 month old. She rode legs out and it was the perfect size. This carrier features a rounded headrest as well as the hood. This one is baby sized, with a flat body, rather than seat darts, so baby sits closer to the wearer. It has a flat hood, better to hold up a sleeping little one’s head. We went with the extra long shoulder straps, which, at 90″, are 10″ longer than the standard. This would be ideal if you are fluffy, busty or tall. The extra length was a little cumbersome for me (size 8), so I would only  get them if you actually need the length.

This is a PREMIUM carrier. This is the sort of thing I could wear all day. In fact, I did wear baby girl all day in this. We did chores around the house, then went for a walk. She fell asleep in this twice. This carrier is so supportive, she really felt weighless. I had the opportunity to use the hood. It clips onto the shoulder strap. It was easy to do and gave good head support. I’ve used this in front and back carries and the hood is easy to do myself in either.

I’m a huge fan of mei tais for on the go. For me, they are very easy to switch from front carries to back carries, without taking baby off.

I think mei tais are very easy to nurse in. I loosen the ties, lower baby to boob level and retie her. When she’s done, I bounce her back up to a kissable height and tie again. Mei tais offer great nursing coverage. Generally, people just think your child is asleep in there.


Mei tais are a good choice for warm weather as the open sides let air get to baby. They are suitable for year round. This would definitely be an option for a buy one carrier to go the distance. This would work for the duration of your babywearing career.

I find myself reaching for this carrier often when I know Baby Girl is going to fall asleep and I need to get things done. It is AMAZING for back carries and has awesome head support.


Sleepy Wrap Review

By V

I have been a baby wearer of 3 children for 3 1/2 years now and this past month was my first time trying out the Sleepy Wrap with my 1 month old son and I love it!!! I am accustomed to the Moby Wrap, another stretchy wrap, so the learning curve for myself was low. Compared to the Moby, the Sleepy Wrap needs to be wrapped more firmly around your body as the material has a lot of give and you don’t want baby to sag.

I do love the material of the Sleepy Wrap. I feel like it gives a bit more than the Moby. It feels like less fabric even though the lengths are comparable and it isn’t as hot.

On the go, I would wrap myself up before leaving the house and just put my babe in it when we arrived somewhere. Because the material is light, it isn’t cumbersome to wear in the car. When I do want to carry the Sleepy, it balls up tighter than the Moby and fills up the top of the diaper bag nicely.

I love this wrap for a newborn! I feel like my baby is safe and snug on me and he loves it! He falls asleep in it each time I wear it and I just tuck his head under one of the shoulder straps for head support. In fact, he is sleeping in it as I write this!