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What’s Baby Doing Back There?


Here’s a little tip I read (no idea on source anymore!):


You get your baby safely & securely on your back.

You’re working away, making dinner – then suddenly baby is quiet,

What is she up to back there?

Is she happy? Is she sleepy? Is she comfortable?


When I am home I can usually find a mirror to glance at her –

but thats not always the case.


I found a cheap compact mirror (hello, Dollar Aisle!) and keep it in the pocket of my Soft-Structured Carrier.

I can easily see what she is up to & what baby is doing. Also great when I can see her eyes are starting to get tired & I can start my “sleepy dance” and bounce her to sleep.


Especially comes in handy as she reaches toddlerhood & is grabbing things while I’m shopping :)


We are offering Smencils as a fundraiser.  Smens, Smencils, and Colored Smencils bagsets will be available for you to purchase and our group gets to keep a portion of the money.  This will close on 2/1/2012 and money needs to be paid by that date.


The Smens bagset contains 10 Smens for $20 each.  The scents that will be in the set are:  Aloha, Mocha, Creamsicle, Ninja Berry, Red Licorice, Passion Fruit, Mystery Scent, Black Licorice, Pink Lemonade, and Banana Fo Fana.


The Smencils and Colored Smencils each contain 10 Smencils for $12 each.  The scents in those sets are:  Bubblegum, Cinnamon, Tropical Blast, Grape, Cotton Candy, Black Cherry, Watermelon, Orange, Very Berry, and Rootbeer.


Smencils are pencils and pens made from rolled sheets of recycled newspaper. Smencils and Smens work the same as any regular pencil or pen, but they smell way better, and they’re good for the environment too!

We will have some Smencils at the January meeting (1/9) for your sniffing and buying pleasure!

Kozy Mei Tai Review

By C (for you petite mamas, this reviewer is a size 0-2, for reference)

I think the Kozy Mei Tai is a great starter mei tai.  It was the second mei tai that I have used. It was a neutral carrier with black straps and a mossy green body.  I wore it with both my 2 year old and my 5 month old. I think those ages represent the smaller and larger limits of the carrier.

I used the Kozy in a front carry with my infant.  I just wore him indoors and he fell asleep both times.  The straps were just long enough to cross beneath his butt and tie again in back.  I didn’t need to nurse in it.

My daughter, the two year old, I wore outside in a back carry.  She felt very secure.  I didn’t carry her very long as she wanted to get down and walk but I could have kep carrying her longer.

Recovering From the Holiday Rush with Babywearing


I’ve recently started babysitting a little girl – so 3 days a week I have my own daughter & another to care for, 12 month old & 6 month old . I find babywearing essential every day with both of them!


Yesterday was wee-one’s first day back after a few days & busy Christmas time.
So as expected she was a bit extra clingy & needy – ie needed extra snuggles before going to sleep & didn’t want anyone to leave her sight, etc.
Well, if it weren’t for babywearing, she’d generally be considered really fussy & I’d have had a very very hard day juggling both babies.
As soon as I got her in a carrier,  she was content & happy. I even successfully did a back carry with her (she got upset whenever I tried before). She was happy to just observe as I went about normal daily chores & activities.
I was just thinking of all the mamas who haven’t discovered babywearing & how my day would have been TERRIBLE had I not been able to wear her.

I am SO thankful for Babywearing.


(picture of me holding both girlies, I love how they hold hands over my shoulder!)