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What Do We Do At Meetings?

By B


Maybe you’ve just stumbled onto our blog, but you’ve never been to one of our events. Maybe you’re a parent or caregiver in the Peoria area who wants to learn more about how to safely use a carrier, but you aren’t sure where to start. Let me talk a little bit about what we at Babywearing International of Peoria do. Right now, we have two different events (but, we’d love to expand that in the future). All of our events are led by one of our certified VBEs.

VBE=Volunteer Babywearing Educator. I talk here a bit about what a VBE is, exactly.

We have our monthly meetings. These are on Monday nights, usually the first Monday of the month. They are currently being held at the Peoria Public Library, North Branch. You can check out our calender for dates. Meetings run from 5:00 to 7:00 (but don’t be afraid to come later or leave earlier if that’s what works for your schedule!). 5:00 to 5:30 is carrier check-in and mingling. Meeting content starts at 5:30. We feature a different babywearing topic each meeting, like “winter babywearing” or “nursing in carriers”.

We also feature one carrier from our lending library at each meeting, demonstating it and talking about the benefits of that particular carrier. After that, it’s hands on help from our VBEs. Saturday meetups have no meeting content and are all hands on help. You can drop in any time during the Open Help Hours and stay as long or as little as you wish.

What kind of hands on help? Well, you can learn to nurse in a mei tai.


You can learn to wear your twins. (note: this isn’t ideal positioning here. We’d like to see baby’s knees higher than his bottom, with fabric tucked to the knees. This is this mama’s first time wearing them both. We should’ve checked more carefully before we took the pic.)

You can bring your own carrier and get help on back carries.

You can find the right carrier for your newborn.

You can practice your wrapping skills.

Or try your hand at wearing two.


You are welcome to bring your older children to the meetings. There are generally several older siblings there. Feel free to bring a snack and a quiet activity for them.

Our events are free and open to anyone. We do encourage you to consider a paid membership. Membership funds help us grow our lending library. Borrowing from the lending library is a perk of paid memberships, though certainly not required to get hands on help from our Babywearing Educators. If you have questions about how to wear your baby in a way that is safe and comfortable for you both, I encourage you to attend one of our events!








Tip Tuesday

Today we will talk about avoiding the shirt shift when you put a Soft Structured Carrie .  First put the carrier on your back in the position you want it to end up in after the child is in the carrier.


Next you will slide the carrier to your side.  This will cause your shirt to shift with the carrier.

Load child on your hip.

Shift child in the carrier around to your back, putting the shoulder straps up on like you normally would.

Now you have the carrier in proper position on your back with no further shirt issues.  I am using our lending library’s beautiful Bamberoo while wearing my 3yrs old.


Wrapsody Bali Baby Stretch Review


I didn’t think I would be considering adding another wrap to my collection but I loved the Wrapsody.  I currently have a traditional woven wrap, a gauzy wrap and had just tried a stretchy wrap.  For the couple weeks that I had the Wrapsody, it was definitely my “go to” wrap for my 4 month old.

The Wrapsody has the best features of both the woven and stretchy wrap.  It was easy to use like a stretchy wrap.  I could pre-tie the carrier or I could use the same wraps I use with a woven wrap.  It had a lot less stiff than my woven wrap but had a lot more support than a stretchy wrap.  My baby was nice and secure, I could have used the wrap with my 2 year old as well but found I was always putting the little guy in it.  Since the Wrapsody has both features of a stretchy wrap and woven wrap, I would consider it good for anyone.  Beginners can use pre-tied wraps and people with more experience can do more advanced wraps.

I had the Wrapsody for some fall weather and it was perfect, not too hot and not too cold.  The fabric was soft and I liked the dark purple/yellow colors.  I think this wrap is perfect for infants.

Babywearing Saves Vacation

By B

We recently went on an overnight trip with some friends. There was a lot of babywearing going on and it helped in a number of different situations.

First, when we were heading in to the hotel, I was able to wear Miss Little and help us get our many bags in. I tied her on in my woven wrap, carried a duffel and had a free hand to hold onto Big Brother.

When we went to the indoor water park, I wore her in the Comfy Joey water ring sling. (I was WOWED by this. Review coming soon.) I wasn’t sure how this would go. Miss Little hasn’t been to a pool since she was tiny. This one was somewhat noisy, since it was indoors. So, I was prepared to leave Big Brother with Daddy and split if need be. Babywearing enabled us to hang out as a family. The sling made her feel cozy and secure, even though we were in a strange new environment. She snuggled up against me and took it all in. In the pool, I was able to help Big Brother swim around, knowing Miss Little was safely attached to me.

After the pool, we went to dinner at a hibachi grill in the hotel. I thought the Scootababy was a perfect choice here. I started off in a hip carry, moved baby to a back carry while I loaded up my bowl, back to my hip to watch the grilling, then, a bit more to the front so she could nurse while I ate, all without removing the carrier! That is one of the best features of the Scootababy, the ability to change baby’s position with a minimum amount of fiddling.

At the other end of the table, there was some toddlerwearing going on.

After dinner, we did more babwearing– while bowling! This worked out great, especially for one of our fellow travelers, there by herself with her toddler and preschooler. Babywearing helped her get everyone where they needed to be.

She was able to help her preschooler bowl

and even take some turns herself.

I did not bowl, but did wear Miss Little around in the Scootababy there.

The next morning, I wore baby to breakfast in a wrap, enabling me to eat breakfast with both hands without needing to put her in a high chair at the restaurant.

Next, we went to the arcade, where I was able to help Big Brother play a few games while Miss Little escaped the overstimulating environment with a nap.

Babywearing made this little trip soooo much easier! I’d love to hear your adventures babywearing while traveling!


Tip Tuesday

This week we will talk about getting a good seat in a Ruck carry with a wrap.


First get your baby on your back in your usual way.  With the wrap tucked under chin I pull all the length out of the wrap, down towards my feet.

While the wrap is still tucked under my chin, I put my hands between my son’s legs and pull the wrap up between him and my back from knee to knee.

I then pull each strap tightly over my shoulder, keeping on hand under bum for make sure the wrap isn’t shifting.

I bring each shoulder piece over the closer leg and under the opposite leg, creating a X under babies bum.

This locks your seat in place.

Now you have a comfy Ruck carry with no bum poppage and knee to knee support!

Bamberoo Mei Tai Review


Brief Description

The Bamberoo Mei Tai is a carrier with a soft body and 4 straps.  2  lower straps are tied around your
body to secure the carrier and the top 2 top straps are wrapped around mother
and baby to secure the baby in the carrier.

Learning curve

Mei tais are fairly easy carriers for a beginner to use.  One issue would be getting the carrier tight
enough to keep it or baby from sliding down but after some practice, I think it would not be an issue.


This carrier is great for a trip to the store or cleaning around the house.  The Bamberoo is very
comfortable.  It would fold up nicely for a trip out of town so it would be a nice vacation carrier. 


The Bamberoo  has padded shoulder straps.  This is one thing I noticed that I have not seen in some of
the Mei Tai carriers made by other companies.

Ease of nursing in this

I did not nurse in this carrier and usually don’t.

Weather considerations

The Bamberoo Mei Tai would be useful in any weather, I would just suggest being careful of the straps in
wet/snowy weather.  They could touch the ground and get wet if you’re not careful.


Once the Bamberoo is on it’s very safe.  I have a 23 month old that bounces and wiggles a lot and once
the straps are secure, he can do that without fear of falling.  The straps stayed tied and he safely stayed on my back during our holiday shopping.



The body of this particular Mei Tai is designed for babies, but it worked great for my 21 lb toddler.


I like the long straps.  It’s nice to have straps long enough to fit big mamas.

Wedding Wearing

Babywearing at my mom’s wedding


My son was 13 months old when my mom and her husband got married.  The wedding actually took place in our backyard, so there was much more involved than simply being in the wedding.  We were making sure our guests were comfortable and keeping people drinking and eating too.  Lots to do with a toddler running around!

I chose a simple pouch sling for the occasion.  Mostly this was because it was black and matched my dress and matched my little one’s tux.  I was standing up for my mom and was able to wear my son during most of the ceremony.  He was happy, could see what was happening, and be part of the wedding without running all over!

For the reception, I wore him in a SSC (my typical carrier of choice) since it was easy to throw him on my back for and picking up after the guests.  It also was my carrier of choice for setting up that day!

This wedding was not formal so my plain pouch looked good.  However, if I am involved with amore formal wedding, I would probably opt for a fancy ring sling!

What carrier do you choose when you dress up with baby?