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Tips n Tweaks Tuesday!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! We hope you’ll *love* today’s tip, featuring the Bamberoo Mei Tai

The tip this week is the weightless chest belt carry in a MT.  First load baby on your back in your usual way.  Bring both straps over your shoulders

Tie the straps in a single knot.

Tighten straps and bring both straps to the back.

Bring straps over baby’s legs and cross.

The cross will form the X under bum.

Bring top straps to the front and tie in a double knot.  Adjust chest belt to a comfortable spot and there you have a weightless MT carry

Wrapsody Bali Baby Stretch Review

By V

I used the Wrapsody with my son as he was 2-3 months old. We are accustomed to stretchy wraps so were able to use it quickly without a large learning curve. I only used the front carry with legs out after I pre-wrapped it onto myself, just as I would with a Moby. At this stage, the stretchy wrap is our favorite carrier. My babe loves to be held and carried and I have 2 other little ones in the house. It is necessary for me to be able to move around and have my hands free. The stretchy wrap allows me to do this! I feel that he is very secure in this wrap as I go about my daily chores around the house and caring for my other children. I am able to bend down to do laundry, pick up baskets, help my other kids get dressed, etc. He enjoys chewing on the fabric he can get a hold of and peering out the sides. When he wants to take a nap, he just falls asleep and I tuck his head in one of the shoulder straps for head support. I love that his head rests right on my heart and I can simply look down to see him as he sleeps.

I can use this type of carrier for as long as he’ll let me! Because it is a 2 shoulder carry, the weight is evenly distributed and doesn’t feel lopsided. We have nursed in a stretchy wrap. I put his head through one of the shoulder straps so he can lay down a bit and have access to the breast. I usually have to loosen it a bit, but it is easy to put him back upright and tighten it back up when he is finished nursing. We can do this even after he has fallen asleep while nursing and not wake him up!

The stretchy wrap can get quite warm as there is so much fabric. So I am enjoying the snuggles we are getting using this carrier in the winter. Other than using the stretchy wrap around the house, I also use it when we are going out somewhere for an extended period of time, say the grocery store. Now that it is cold outside, I will put the wrap on before leaving and put my coat on over the wrap. Once he is in the wrap, I zip my coat up over him to keep him warm if walking the short distance from the car to the store. Because there is so much fabric, the wrap is sometimes a burden to put on outside if you don’t want it to touch the ground. It does fit in the diaper bag but takes up quite a bit of space.

I am not familiar with the woven wrap and the Wrapsody is a stretchy wrap that is able to be put on like a woven wrap. I would feel more comfortable using this wrap to learn a new hold rather than switching directly to a woven wrap. When we are ready to transition, I hope to use this wrap to learn!





Why I Babywear- A Working Mom’s Perspective

By C

Lots of people have lots of reasons for babywearing. I fully believe it makes for happier babies and promotes communication and physical development, but these aren’t the reasons that I babywear.  Having my little ones close after a day in the office is something I love, but that is not the reason that I put them in a mei tai or SSC.  The reason I babywear is mainly convenience.


Babywearing allows me to stop at the grocery store after work with two little ones.  I put the 6 month old in a SSC and the 2 year old rides in the cart.  I like SSCs for quick trips into the store because they are so fast and convenient and I am usually in a hurry.  When I get home, I can use a mei tai or a wrap to put the little guy in a back carry so I can cook dinner.  I like the versatility of a wrap at home when I have more time to get things just right.


For the most part, I don’t wear my kids for long periods oftime.  I wear them for short stints to allow me to get something done. It is how I can have the best of two worlds, I have my babies close to me, but I get dinner on the table. I still reap the benefits of babywearing.  Even though it is often chaotic, being worn calms my little one, so he often falls asleep. While he may not sleep every time, being close to mama keeps him from fussing.


I also babywear on family outings.  It is easier to react, interact and play with my 2 year old if my arms are free.  She needs a lot of mama time, she wants me to play and she wants to hold my hand.  I can do these things because I babywear.  I have also been known to pass the baby to my husband, so I can tote her around when her little legs get tired.  We can go anywhere because we don’t need to drag a stroller around with us.


I have only carried both at the same time around the house for a couple quick chores, mostly because my two year old requested it.  Usually, she likes to be working along with me.  It is nice to know that I can do it but I don’t usually need to do it.


So if people want to know how I do it or how to make their lives easier with little kids, I tell them to start wearing their kids.  That and get a cleaning lady if you can…

Tip Tuesday: A Use for Your Ring Sling Tail

We’re starting a new feature here at the Babywearing International of Peoria blog, Tips and Tweaks Tuesday! We hope to bring you a different tip or tweak each week. This week, we talk about another use for the tail of your ring sling.

Try this when you want to have baby’s legs covered, either for warmth or sun protection.

You can take the tail of your ring sling,

bring it over the legs,

tuck one end up under the bottom edge of your pocket,

and you will have a nice cover for little legs.

Onya review: Comparison between Cruiser and Outback

Carrier: Onya (both styles)
Reviewed with children age (s):
8-9 months, 3 years

Upfront disclosure: I own one of these carriers and love it!! Onya sells two styles of this SSC carrier.  I own the Outback style which is more of a sporty carrier.  The other carrier is called the Cruiser and is made of a soft cotton material.  When Onya donated a Cruiser to BWI of Peoria, I was very excited to check it out. When I ordered mine, I was so torn between which one to order. Hoping this review will be helpful others who are in a similar situation. Again, BWI only has the Cruiser but if you wanted to see the Outback in person, I would be happy to bring mine to a monthly meeting!





Onya Baby carriers are SSC buckle carriers.  This carrier can be used for front and back carries and also has an innovative chair option (you can use this carrier as a portable high chair for babies who can sit up on their own).

I am mainly a SSC user so this carrier was easy for me to learn.  It is easy to know when baby is in the proper position and the straps can be adjusted for maximum comfort.  The straps actually adjust in two places, which is different from most carriers and increases comfort and snugness of baby.  The straps on this carrier are heavy duty and are similar to a seat belt in a car.

This gives it an extra supportive feel and extremely durable. When doing a front carry, you can wear the straps either rucksack style or crossed in the back.  Many options with this carrier!

The main thing to learn with this carrier is the chair option.  Onya has video on their website to demonstrate this feature. It is actually really easy to maneuver.  This will be great for taking baby on trips where a highchair is not available.

This is a perfect everyday carrier.  The Outback style contains features such as the mesh lining to keep you and baby cooler in warm weather, especially for long walks or hikes.  It is a bit more sturdy than the Cruiser, but really either could be used for long distance walking or hiking.  The Outback also has a waterproof lining which may be useful for hiking and other outdoor activities.
Both carriers are very comfortable, but the Cruiser may be a better choice for a younger baby because of the softer material.




This carrier is recommended for ages 3 months (15lbs) and up.  It is a little taller than some carriers, so baby needs to be bigger to see out.

I really love that the carrier weight limit is 45 lbs.  My 3 year old (30ish lbs) fits comfortably and feels lighter on my back than with other carriers.  .  I also like that I can easily switch between baby and child. This would be a great option for parents with baby and toddler.

Olives and Applesauce Soft Structured Carrier Review

By ME (with comments by B)

I have been experimenting with the
Olives & Applesauce carrier with my 8 month old baby girl.  I
used a Moby wrap when she was in newborn, and a ring sling in the
past few months.  However, now that she is getting heavier and the
weather is getting colder, I wanted something more sturdy and weather


The cool features of this carrier are
its sturdy, cushioned shoulder straps and buckles, adjustable harness
inside for smaller newborns or a larger child, and the versatility of
a front or back carry.  This was a new kind of carrier to me, and it
does take a bit of getting used to.  The first few times, I needed
someone else to watch the baby, especially when suiting up for a back
carry.  This holiday season, I decided to brave the insanity of a
popular shopping mall and try out the front carry to get some
shopping done.  I was on my own, so this was the true test.  Due to
the cold, windy conditions and my parking spot being a mile away, I
suited up in the car then wrapped my coat around us.  This carrier
was perfect for strolling in the mall.  The only disadvantage for me
was not getting the straps quite tight enough, as you have to pull
them backwards, or reach around your back with the other hand and try
to pull.  This carrier would not be very handy to use for several
quick trips around town.  (See, this is interesting to me as I find SSCs to be PERFECT for quick ins and outs!~B) I found the back carry to be most helpful
when cooking or baking!  I used some baby toy links to fasten a
teething ring to one of the anchors on a shoulder strap, which fell
perfectly in my baby’s reach.


As for nursing in the Olives &
Applesauce, I did not try.  I am a smaller frame, bigger chested
woman.  Therefore, I’m quite uncomfortable nursing in any other
position other than sitting down with support.  I’m quite jealous of
those that can nurse in a carrier!  How handy that would be!!!


The many straps of this carrier make it
a bit awkward to pack up.  They all fold inwards, and then the
carrier will roll into itself and has a built in stretchy band to
secure it.  It did fit quite nicely on top of everything else in the
diaper bag.


In general, my baby seemed to like the
carrier, so I did too!  The first time I strapped her up at home, she
fell asleep within 30 minutes and slept for an hour and a half!  That
was the only time I got her to sleep in the carrier, however, all the
other times she was riding, she seemed content and quiet.  My husband
was a bit concerned for her comfort.  He asked me, “Does it hurt
her to be all…spread eagle, like that?” LOL!  I said it didn’t
seem to, but I told him that I could see that for boys, this may be
an issue, and I’ll consider that if we ever have a son. (Note: baby can definitely be worn with her feet inside the carrier, like a frog. Baby’s legs shouldn’t be splayed any more than they would be when being carried. Remember, a carrier is just a substitute for your arms! ~ B)


Overall, I enjoyed trying out the
Olives & Applesauce carrier, as I’m sure Baby Girl did too.  Its
sturdy straps and overall comfort were great pluses.  Minuses are
that you may need either another person to help you, or some straps
may not be as tight as they need to be.  Its good for longer walks at
a park, mall, or around the house, and I would recommend it to

What can you do with your wraps when you aren’t wrapping?



My son is just turned three and, while he still loves to be worn, it has started to become less often.  While I do use my wraps for the child I babysit, I was thinking about other ways to use some of them for my son to enjoy that didn’t involve being carried.  So today we tried the hammock under the table, which he was really excited about.  I tied my Neobulle Manon Gris around our table and tied a knot in it. It was his special little hiding place.

Mommy even enjoyed a little hammock time with him and we read a few books together.  I did test the hammock with my own weight first and it held just fine.  We had such a fun bonding time doing this and it reminded me of summer days sitting outside in my outdoor hammock.  We also built a little tent from some more wraps in the living room and it became a race track and landing strip.

These are two fun ways to spend cold winter days when outside play time is limited.  What other fun things do you like to do with your wraps or carriers when not wearing your little or big ones?