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Comfy Joey Linen Ring Sling Review



For convenience, nothing beats a ring sling, it is a fast, user friendly carrier.  I think that I discovered all other carrier types before I tried a ring sling, and I wish I had used one earlier.  The one I tried was a beautiful teal Comfy Joey linen sling.  Previously, I had thought that SSCs were the most convenient but I definitely found the ring sling was better.  You just place the ring sling over one shoulder, pop your baby in and you are good to go.


I used this carrier with my 7 month old.  I mainly used at home for shorter periods of time since it is a one shoulder carrier.  I would put him in it when I was getting dressed in the morning and have him in it until it was time to go.  I also used it a couple times when I was taking my children somewhere I would be staying a while.  I wore it in to a birthday party so I could carry my baby, a present and have a hand open for my other child.  I continued to wear it at the party until everyone was acclimated and then took him out to crawl around with the other kids.


Another thing, I like about about this Comfy Joey ring sling is that it is pretty enough to wear for formal or dress up occasions.  I think ring slings are the best for this.  Other carriers can really detract from what you are wearing but a nice ring sling can really enhance an outfit.  I took it church and ended up using it.  I was glad I had it because the tail makes a handy nursing cover.

What Can You Do While Babywearing- Walk the Dog!

Babywearing makes it easy for my family to go on long walks together.

As you can see, my three year old prefers to ride in the stroller on longer walks but he must be able to hold the dog leash!  This combo may not works so well with a baby in a stroller and the three year old attempting to walk the dog next to me!  Baby in this picture is about 7 -8 months old and loved to snuggle in a front carry.

Now that baby is closer to 1 year, he prefers to see a little more and goes on my back for the long walks.  If you have two (or more) and use a stroller, wearing one on your back while pushing (especially going up and down hills) really balances your body out.  This is also true when walking your dog with one baby to carry.  Always be careful when walking a dog with baby since some dogs can easily pull you and baby to the ground!. Our family loves our long walks- baby, toddler and doggie have a great time together!

Tip Tuesday- Tying Tibetan


Today we will talk about tying your wrap Tibetan style.  You can do this version of tying off with various carries to create a chest belt that helps move the wrappee’s weight off your shoulders and spreads it across your chest. This can be a particularly comfortable way to carry a heavy, older child. It can also be done with a mei tai.
I am using our new BBSlen that has been donated by Nova Natural Toys & Crafts.  Members can borrow this wrap from our lending library.
First get your little one on your back in your normal way.  I will be doing a simple Ruck carry.
At this point I am sandwiching the shoulders.  I fold the bottom rail under the top rail so that two layers of wrap are on my shoulders for a little more cushion.  You could also bunch your straps.


Both sides now have sandwiched shoulders.  If you try sandwiching the shoulders remember to keep more tension on the top part of the wrap rather than the bottom piece or you may lose the nice seat you created.

At this point, I have made the beginning of the criss cross on the child’s bottom (not shown) by bringing the wrap under my arm, then over the child’s hip, across his bottom and under his other leg. Then, I bring the end back to the front (the other end is tucked between my legs to keep the tension). 

I cross the end over my chest, bringing it under the shoulder strap on the opposite side.

Do the same with the other side.  You will now have an X across your chest.


Tie the two straps in a double knot and you are ready to go.

View from the side.  This is also a great way to wear your wrap without any belly pressure or if your wrap is longer than you would need for this carry.

Onya Review

By CS (fitting note: this mama is quite petite)

I am in a quest to find the perfect SSC and have been trying many different manufacturers to find the right one.  The Onya is currently topping the list.  I like SSCs for the convenience factor and the Onya has built in baby seat that gives it an edge.  The Onya that I used was the leaf green Cruiser but the one that I have my eye on is the orange Outback.  The Outback is a water resistant and a little more breathable.  Both carriers are neutral and can be worn by a man or woman.


One of the things I am looking for is a SSC that will work for my 6 month old son and for my 2 year old daughter.  I would say that my 6 month old was just big enough to use the carrier.  Personally, I think there are better carrier options besides SSCs for under 6 months.  The Onya was big enough for my daughter.  I felt comfortable using them both in either a front or back carry.  I mainly carried the 6 month old a front carry with crossed back straps because of personal preference.  I did try the front carry with rucksack style straps and found that quite comfortable.  I had my daughter on my back.  There was good weight distribution and she would tire of being carried before I tired of carrying her.


I mainly kept the Onya in my car and would put it on, load my son and then head in the store.  That worked out really well for me.  He was always comfortable and I would do my grocery shopping.  Then I took it in one evening.  I decided to try the integrated seat feature.  I loved it.  My 6 month old was not able to sit unsupported but I could use the Onya to hold him upright in a high chair.  I would put him there while we ate dinner and he loved it.  I would not have been able to sit him in a high chair without using the Onya.  From then on, I always brought the Onya into the house just in case I would want to use the intergrated seat.  This seat feature is a big selling point for me and is part of the reason the Onya is topping my list.


In terms of other SSCs, another thing I really loved about the Onya was the straps.  They are the best straps hand down.  They remind me of seatbelt material, wide and very easy to adjust.  Every carrier I tried after the Onya, I found lacking in the strap department.


If you are in the market for a SSC, definitely check out the Onya.

What Can You Do While Babywearing? Well…



Any parent can relate to the time and patience it takes when your child is potty learning.  Once your child is ready, you’d better be ready too!  The process can become complicated when you have more than one child.  When your child has to go, you need to be ready and fast.  It may sound silly, but babywearing has helped me so much with this.  When I need to attend to my three year old potty learner, I can grab a carrier and put baby on my back, keeping him close, but out of the action.  I can’t imagine what else  I would do with baby when we are in a public restroom.  Set him on the floor?  Leave him in a stroller?  (Did I mention baby is at the wiggly phase where you can’t take your eyes off him in a stroller?) Anyway, thought I would mention something babywearing is good for that you may not hear everyday.  No picture included this time- I think you get the idea!

Tip Tuesday- Braiding a Wrap

By K


Today we will talk about what is known as breaking in a wrap.  Since our lending library has recently acquired some great new wraps we will talk about what we can do to soften a wrap to make it easier to wrap with.  There are a few methods you can use to start the process.  First you can wash your wrap according to the manufacturers care tag.  You can steam iron your wrap once or more times, this really helps with the process.  You can employ what is known as “butt-magic” which means you sit on the wrap whenever you can, on the couch, in the car or even at night in the bed.  Another method is called braiding your wrap.  You can braid and unbraid your wrap while watching TV or any time you have a free minute.

Start by getting your new beautiful wrap. This is our recent acquisition, an Ellevill Zara Blossom.  This particular wrap is soft right out of the box although not all new wraps will feel like this.

Starting at one end make a small loop around your hand

Bring the material back over the loop.

Then pull it through the space your hand was in.

It should look like this now.

You then take the long side and pull another loop through the previous loop

I like to stick my hand right through the hole created to pull the fabric through.

Half way there, it should start to look like this. This is similar to doing a Daisy chain stitch in crochet

And the finished braided wrap!  I have just curled it into a circle here.

This is also a great way to store your wrap.  To unbraid you just need to pull the END tail and it will quickly unravel without getting stuck.  Now you are ready to wear it or braid it again.


Scootababy review

By B

I’m not normally much of a hip carrier, so I wasn’t sure how much I’d be into the Scootababy. As it turns out, I need to do more hip carries. Baby girl was cuddling up like a little monkey, hanging onto my side. I loved it!

This carrier is really really easy to use. If you don’t like your current carrier because it is too fiddly, this may be the carrier for you. Even if you have no carrier experience, you can easily get your child into it safely. I even had my completely non-babywearing husband try it out. I gave him no hints, he’d never seen a picture of it. I just handed it to him and said, “I’m doing an experiment, put this on.” He almost, almost got it totally correct. He didn’t realize it was a hip carrier and had the strap going across his neck instead. Once I told him it was a hip carrier, he fixed it without help. So, if you consider yourself somewhat carrier challenged, you can still do this one!

I tried this with my 4.5 month old, 15 lb daughter, and, briefly, with my 35 lb, 3.5 year old son. He was definitely a bit long for the hip carry. I wouldn’t use it with such a big kid on a regular basis, but it would definitely get you through the grocery store in a pinch. This is a really great size for my daughter. I didn’t feel like she was swallowed up by it. I’d recommend this carrier for age 5-24 months. This carrier is not suitable to be used with little little babies, but for babies who have head and trunk control. Around the age you start carrying your baby on your hip this carrier would work for you.

Things I like about this carrier:

-It’s SO easy to use!

-The straps adjust both directions, so you can get everything just where you want it.

– It cinches small and expands large, need for an “extender belt”.

-It is clearly designed with comfort in mind, the fleece on the shoulder is soft and just the right size. It is big enough to spread out, but doesn’t restrict range of motion. There is a hip pad for the opposite side of the baby.

-You can easily  use it for front, hip or back carries. It is simple to switch in between the three. We used it while I did laundry today. I had baby on my hip, then moved her to my back so I could bend over and sort. I didn’t need to remove the carrier, didn’t need to adjust the straps, I just slid her around my hip to my back. She was secure in the carrier the whole time. I think that would be appealing to someone new at back carries and nervous about how to get baby there.

-It’s super easy to nurse in this carrier! With it being so so easy to adjust, you can effortlessly lower baby enough to be at nursing height with minimal fiddling.

-Love the drawstring carrying bag!

-These are a pretty dad friendly carrier, between the buckles and the neutral prints available.

-Since it’s so easy to get baby in and out of, this is a great carrier for a day of errands. It’s also great for an on the go toddler who wants to get up then down.

Update to review:
I finally managed to take pics with this when Baby Peach was 7 months old. This carrier is still really user friendly and comfy at this age.

It is an awesome carrier to wear out in public when you know you will be switching between different carrying positions. My least favorite thing about babywearing in public is helpful strangers dashing over to “help” me put baby on. With the Scootababy, you don’t need to remove the carrier or baby to switch positions. It is very very easy to slide baby from front to hip to back. This makes it a great carrier for things like grocery shopping (no pushing the debit card machine buttons for you) or dining out.