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The Blueberry Tree-Review

By B


We recently were able to buy a Colimacon et Cie wrap (review coming soon) at a nice discount from The Blueberry Tree. I thought I’d tell you a little more about this shop and the owner, Susan. She has been babywearing since 2007 and opened the store, originally called Sweet Pickles, in 2008. Last year, she changed the name to The Blueberry Tree.

About the logo, from their Facebook page:

Our name change to The Blueberry Tree has been an emotional journey for me.  We now have a new logo ready, and I wanted to share some of the meaning behind it.  It’s not just a name, a tree or something to fill in the blank.


The name The Blueberry Tree was chosen as a representation of my three daughters, Sarah, Ellen and Anna.  Their blueberry eyes and their sweet spirits are an amazing gift, and they have all taught me in their own special ways how to stay grounded while branching out.  It was important to me that the logo have meaning and sentimentality.


With a painting of the girls’ hands connected together Tracey made the branches of The  Blueberry Tree.   The green part of the tree is their palms.  Sarah’s on the left, Anna’s  in the middle and  Ellen’s on the right. One trunk comes up into the center  of each of their  palms along with a trunk for Max, our precious angel baby, in between  Anna and Ellen.


The blueberries bloomed from the girls’ fingerprints,  and then the circle represents coming full circle, always back to our  roots.  The trunks all intertwine, and at the bottom is a root for  each person in our family, six in all.


I hope that you all like the logo.  It has been a wonderful experience working with Tracey French, and she has been so patient with me to help create it. For the full story on the background behind this business check out Their Roots. I LOVE this story and think it’s cool that Susan shared it.

She took courses at The Babywearing Institute in Utah in 2010 and became a Certified Babywearing Educator. She is currently working towards becoming licensed to certify others. She is hosting classes in SE Michigan June 18-22 of this year. She also offers individual consultations and group classes in Oregon.

The Blueberry Tree offers layaway and free shipping in the US and Canada. They currently carry Wrapsody wraps, Colimacon et Cie, aka C&C wraps and their Colima ring slings, Ellevil wraps, including special orders and preorders. They carry Comfy Joey-Ellevil ring sling conversions that have got to be yummy! Love that CJ shoulder and Ellevils are just dreamy. In the past, they have had several beautiful Girasol exclusives. They may do more exclusives in the future or run preorders on past exclusives, like this Big Sur:

They also carry some accessories, like baby legs, and chocolate, a piece of which (fair trade! dairy free!) was included in my order (with a bag of blueberry tea, to win the adorable marketing award from me).

Their terrific website has lots of great safety info and links, many of which I’m linking on our site as well.

Our transaction (which was made possible by memberships, donations and fundraiser support, as well as the sweet discount offered by The Blueberry Tree) was really smooth and easy. Susan was very nice to deal with. In our package, with the chocolate and the tea, were some great pamphlets and some of these awesome babywearing resource cards. These are perfect to hand to a bag sling wearing stranger, if you are too nervous to actually strike up a conversation. I hope you all take a minute to check out The Blueberry Tree. Maybe you want to order some sort of delicious treat or wrap for your favorite babywearing educator…

Tip Tuesday

Today’s tip is about threading and sizing your Ringsling.  Pull your fabric up through both rings and back down through one.

Throughly spread fabric around your rungs leaving each edge free of bunches.

Measure from your shoulder to hip.

Put your Ringsling over one shoulder, remember to keep your rings in a nice high corsage position.

The lowest point of your sling should be about at your bellybutton.  Now you will have a nice sized pocket to load you baby in with having to adjust your sling too much.

Wrapsody Bali Baby Stretch Review


Carrier: Wrapsody Bali Baby Stretch

Reviewed with child age 10 months


When I hear “Wrapsody”, I think of beautiful and flowing and that is exactly what this wrap is!  The Wrapsody product we have in our library is a stretch-hybrid wrap.  This wrap feels similar to a stretchy wrap (like a Moby) but without quite as much give.  It has comfy soft feeling to the touch, but a little more stability than a stretchy.  Wrapsody products are hand dyed and the fabrics are beautiful.

This particular wrap has a variation in the color scheme and will have a very different look depending on which way you wrap. I used a stretchy wrap with my son as a baby, so I was familiar with the basic pre-tying technique.  This is probably the easiest way to start wrapping.

Recently, I have been using a woven wrap and learning new ways to wrap.  This is a wrap that would take a little practice to learn, but a few days and you would have it mastered. The ability to carry baby on my back is important to me in a carrier.  This carrier can be used for front, back or hip carries.   I will admit that I was a little nervous about trying a back carry.  Stretchy wraps are NOT safe for back carriers because babies can throw themselves backwards and fall.  Despite the similarity in feel to a stretchy wrap, the stretchy- hybrid wrap is safe for back carriers, since the fabric is more supportive.

I was pleased to be able to get baby on my back snug and tight.  I used a double hammock wrap to give double support behind his back.

There is a lot of extra length but the fabric is so pretty, it really looked awesome.  You can order this wrap in a length that works best for you. For me, this is a carrier was great for naptime and bedtime.  Baby would be so snuggled up in the soft fabric and fall asleep easily.  The only problem I had was unwrapping when I laid him down to bed!

The material is lightweight, so it would be comfortable in the summer, but would not provide a lot of warmth in winter.  It would provide good coverage for a nursing mom.

This would be a great wrap to start with for an infant.  My son is around 20 lbs and fits comfortably right now.  Because this wrap does have some give, like a stretchy, I don’t know if I would want to use it as much once he gets bigger. The company says the weight limit is 35lbs. Wrapsody has some additional products on their website that are awesome.  The accessories such as hair wraps and baby beanies are beautiful (you can even get one to match your wrap!).

Newborn in Ring Sling

By B

I’ve had a few discussions lately about positioning a newborn in a carrier, so I thought I’d discuss it here. You can safely position your newborn upright in a carrier from birth. This is actually the safest option, as it is easiest to get baby properly positioned upright, rather than in a cradle position. We recommend using the cradle position for nursing only, then returning baby to an upright position after nursing. I actually nurse(d) baby in an upright position when possible. Here’s a pic of me wearing my baby upright in a ring sling at 3 days old:

You can see that she is legs out, my preferred position for babies of all ages. The fabric is spread to her knees and her knees are higher than her bottom, creating a nice seat for her. The fabric is tucked up under her bottom a bit, between us. Her legs are how she would naturally hold them when picked up. This is a natural carrying position, mimicking an in arms carry.

I think the concern people have with positioning their baby upright is that baby will somehow fall out the bottom. In this seated position, that isn’t possible.

The fabric comes up to support her little neck, but doesn’t cover her face. Her head is turned to the side, so her airway is unobstructed. I can see her face. I can kiss her head.

Keep your eye out for our video demoing how to do this!


Bamberoo Soft Structured Carrier Review


Reviewed with child age:  9 months

This Bamberoo is a soft structured carrier (Bamberoo also makes Mei Tai carriers).  The panels and colors come in a variety of awesome designs and can even be custom ordered. The chest strap is also on printed fabric which I really liked.  I used for front and back carriers and did not have to make a bunch of adjustments (big plus for me!) The carrier comes in a baby, standard and toddler size (each size up being a little taller and wider). This one is standard sized.  Bamberoo carriers can be used with an infant with head control up to 35lbs.

They also have an option for a sleeping hood.

I absolutely loved using this carrier.  I am an SSC user, so it was easy for me and would be easy for any beginner.

The carrier buckles in the center rather than the side (like other SSCs) and is easy to adjust across multiple sizes. The straps are wider than most and the waist belt is very padded, giving it a more supportive feel.  I really liked the seat darts which placed baby in a more comfortable sitting position.  My husband tried the carrier out too and said it was the most supportive one he has ever used. This carrier is great for everyday activities such as housework, shopping and cooking.  It is also comfortable and supportive enough for long distances and easy enough to get on and off for quick trips in and out of places.  I liked this carrier for holding baby while I got ready for work in the mornings too. My overall favorite use for this carrier was getting baby to sleep.  He fell asleep in this carrier several times and it was easy to lay him down and unbuckle him on those hard to get to sleep nights!

The Bamberoo folds up and the straps can be rolled and secured.  It would fit in a very large diaper bag or separate carrying bag. This is one of my favorite carriers overall and would be a great investment.  Come check it out at the BWI library next meeting!