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What Can You Do While Babywearing? Go to the Carnival!


What can you do while babywearing? Go to the carnival
Babywearing can make going to the carnival easier! Recently, a few of our group members headed to the local carnival with our babies and our young children.

As you would guess, the older children wanted to play games and go on the rides. Babywearing made it easy to help the kids on and off the rides.

It also allowed us to assist them in playing games.

We would not have been able to do any of these things without our hands free! 

Tips and Tricks- Purchasing Your Carrier


You’ve done your research, made your decisions and you’re very excited to get your new carrier.  Chances are you can simply buy your carrier from a babywearing vendor.  We like Once Upon a Sling, the Blueberry Tree and Birdie’s Room.  They all have a large selection of the carriers they stock.  However, your carrier could be more difficult to find.  You may have to do a little legwork.  

One of the first places to check are the larger for sale or trade sites (FSOT).  The Babywearer has a free FSOT area but requires you register for the group.  

There is also a Babywearing Swap on Facebook.  
A little warning, these sites will make you want things that you didn’t know existed.  Both of these sites have an “In Search Of” area, where you can post what you would like.  You may have to wait a while but this can be one of the cheaper ways to purchase a carrier.

If you are a patient person, another option is to buy a carrier on a pre-order.  In this case, you are buying before the carrier is made.  

Generally, a portion is paid up front.  You then wait several weeks to several months before the carriers are finished.  To receive your carrier, you pay the remainder of your balance.  This is a great way to get hard to find wraps, but the wait can seem forever.

It is a good idea to  “Like” the facebook pages of your favorite brands.  Some brands also have a newsletter.  Many manufactures will post when they are stocking new carriers and when new options are available.  Then, it is just a matter of being patient and hoping for a good computer connection when they stock.

Finally, if you are truly obsessing with a carrier and don’t want to inadvertently miss one of their postings, you can sign up for hyper alerts.  Hyper alerts are free and will send you emails when updates are made to Facebook pages.  Since you can’t control what shows up in your facebook feed, this is a surefire way to know when your favorite brands are posting.
Happy searching and best of luck.

Babywearing Then and Now


The act of wearing babies in carrier dates back for thousands of years. Parents have used a variety of cloths, scarves, and ,more recently, buckles and straps to secure their little ones in a safe and fun way. It wasn’t until the modern invention of things such as strollers, walkers, carriages, etc. that babywearing fell out of popularity.


On a recent visit to the in-laws house, we were pouring over old photos and I came across this one (pardon the grainy shot; it’s a picture of a picture). I was pleasantly surprised to see my Father-in-law wearing Baby Brother-in-law in 1976. (My hubby didn’t come along until 1981.) For giggles, we put our 14 month old babe in the exact same carrier for a sweet moment of sentiment.

We have come a long way in the types of carriers we use and the functional means in which we use baby carriers. Back in the ‘70s, for the most part, babywearing was used as a way to get babies out and about, where a stroller couldn’t go. However, nowadays, parents are babywearing because we know how important it is for a mother and father to bond and connect with their baby. We use carriers to keep our babies close so that we can do things we need to, like go on a hike, or clean the house, dry your hair, cook dinner, or chase after the older children. Babywearing may have its ups and downs in popular culture, but it will stay dear in our hearts forever.

Pognae Review

By B

The Pognae was generously donated to our group by Pognae USA. Thanks! I tested it out with my 11-13 month old.

Well, this carrier, in my mind, is a best buy. Prices start at $65, much much less than a typical SSC. It can be used for front, hip and back carries. The straps are worn “rucksack style” and it has an adjustable chest belt.

These cinch down very small. They would be ideal for a very petite mama. I suspect those who find many SSCs too bulky for them would enjoy this. They don’t get as large as some carriers (but do have an extender belt, sold separately), so I would recommend them for a very petite to slightly larger than average mama or a smaller dad. I consider myself average sized and it fits me great.

The carrier comes with a belt mounted coin purse type pouch. It is just big enough to jam in an ID, some cash and an iPhone.

This would be an ideal carrier for hot weather. The straps are backed in mesh. The body of the carrier, and this is ingenious to me, zips away to reveal a mesh body panel. I’ve never seen another carrier where you have the option of the “summer” or regular panel. The regular panel rolls up and velcros underneath. It really is very very clever.

There is a tuck away hood that zips up into the body. It provides head support for a sleeping babe and also acts as a sun shade.

There is a removeable headrest for small babies that attaches to the straps. My baby didn’t need this feature, but I imagine it would support a small baby’s head quite well. For a very small baby, they recommend an infant insert (sold separately).

This is shorter bodied (14″), which makes it a good choice for a petite baby, though DD, at 14 months, fits in it fine, with room to grow. I did try my tall 4 year old in it. Height-wise, it didn’t work out at all (and it is only recommended for up to age 36 mos), but it was comfy for his weight, between 35 and 40 lbs. This isn’t the first carrier I would recommend for a preschooler, but it would do in a pinch. It’s recommended for up to 45 lbs.

I took this carrier with on a trip we took from Peoria to St Louis. I wore baby girl in it a lot around the zoo,

then for several more hours walking around downtown and in the arch. It was very comfortable and provided excellent nursing coverage.

She spent a lot of the day in this carrier and it was really supportive, particularly for the price point.

Bottom line: if you are looking for a carrier for hot weather, for a tiny person or just an unbeatable price on a soft structured carrier, consider a Pognae.

Tip Tuesday- Nursing in a Front Wrap Cross Carry

By CS (KSC is taking a little maternity break from tips, but we’ll see her in the fall with some newborn tips, I’d bet)

Nursing in Front Wrap Cross Carry

Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) is probably the first carry that many people learn.  I know it is the first carry that I learned and it is definitely the first carry I teach.  It is one of my go to carries.  I use it or one of its variations from birth till the present day.  It was only recently that I learned this great tip for nursing in it though.  Previously to nurse, I would untie the knot, lower my baby, nurse, and then basically re-tie the carry.  I’ll admit it wasn’t my favorite which is one of the reasons that I love this tip.

Start with your child in FWCC.  This is my 13 month old guy.  As you can see, I am wearing him really high and he has a nice seat but there is no way I could nurse in this position.  

I have my wrap bunched already but if you are using FWCC with the passes spread across your child’s back you would bunch them.  Then you will take your baby out of the crosses without untying the wrap.

Your baby is now only supported by the pocket and the X is between your body and your baby’s legs.

You can then shift your baby into a nursing position.  This is NOT a hands free way to nurse.

After you baby is finished nursing, return to the upright position.  You don’t want to leave your baby in the cradle position.  The baby isn’t secure until you re-assemble the wrap

Now put your baby’s legs back into the X.

Make sure your baby has a good seat.

Now, untie your wrap and retighten if necessary.  The younger your child the more likely you will need to retighten and the more important that you do.

At the conclusion, you should still have a very nice FWCC.

Confessions of a Babywearer


Confessions of a babywearer

So I am going to tell you the ugly truth. Babywearing is not all rainbows and kittens like you might think. Are you a babywearer? Then you probably know what I am talking about.

There are many times when I babywear for reasons other than to be close and snuggle with my little one. In fact, some of these times I would (gasp) prefer NOT to be babywearing. And even some of those times, my child would prefer I was not wearing him. 

Here is my top five list of times I DON”T love babywearing.

*Full disclosure- I have a 15 month old.

Safety. Wearing your child can help keep them safe from things like running out in the street or falling into a pool. Awesome tool, until your little one really wants to run in the street and jump in the pool. I would rather be holding hands with my obedient little person and talking to him about how much fun it will be to swim later than carrying him on back while he constantly begs me to put him down.

Keeping him out of my stuff. I am typically a big fan of letting children explore their world, but there are just sometimes you must prevent your child from throwing your nicely folded laundry on the floor or from splashing in the dog’s water bowl. My child and I don’t always agree on this. Babywearing to the rescue!

Keep him out of other people’s stuff. Everyone has been invited to a friend’s house with the promise of a great time (“sure bring the kids”, they say) and then find out very quickly just how un-childproof their home actually is. If you haven’t had this happen to you yet, I promise you will. Every breakable, expensive, tiny object in their house is just screaming for your child to touch it. Do you think I would I rather be babywearing (=standing) or sitting at their tall glass table sipping a drink from their $75 crystal glass?

Cleaning. Yes, babywearing is great for cleaning since you don’t have a little one un-cleaning behind you or to worry about. Would I rather mop my floors and clean my toilet without 25 lbs of child on my back? Yes!

When everything else has failed. Babywearing is one of my tools, but again it is not always my preference to babywear. I would much rather of have a peacefully sleeping child then be clocking some mileage as a walk around the block with him on my back for the 3rd time.
All of this said, babywearing will be one of the things I miss most as my children grow up. I am sure looking back; I will miss those even not so desirable babywearing times and wish I could have a hair-pulling toddler on my back once again.

Kinderpack Review


Carrier: Kinderpack (standard size)

Reviewed with child age: 17 months

The Kinderpack is a soft- structured carrier for front and back carries. They are made in infant, standard, toddler and even preschool sizes, so you can find the right size for your family’s needs.

The waist strap buckles in the front and adjusts simply and easily. The shoulder straps are wider and have more padding than most SSCs (the straps also come in petite, standard and plus sizes). The body of the carrier is also wider than most, and results in a very comfy seat for your little one.

Fabric designs are always changing, so if you are interested, you have to keep a close eye out for the design that suits you best. 

We used the carrier for a recent trip to Wisconsin and took a couple mile long walk at a nature preserve.

Later in the day, I used the Kinderpack to tour a museum for another few miles of walking. I was surprised how light my son seemed and I felt absolutely no repercussions from carrying him such long distances.

This carrier is on my top list of favorites! Getting to spend some time with this carrier to review it has only made me want one more. And it is not just me, I asked my son to pick out a carrier to ride in at a recent BWI event. He picked the Kinderpack not just once, but twice that day! 

Kindercarry (the company who makes Kinderpack) also makes mei tai carriers. Following Kindercarry on Facebook or Twitter is a good way to stay updated on new stockings.