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Tip Tuesday- Fixing a Pull


This week we will talk about how to fix a pull.  I will be using a Vatanai that I purchased with a few pulls in it.  You can get a pull in a wrap from wearing rings, snagging it on a fingernail or clothing.  Pulls usually can be fixed with a little patience, time and a needle.  You want to fix pulls you may find in your wrap so that they do not break and cause a weak point in your wrap.
Here you can see the pull, it is about an inch long.  The pull is located near the end of the wrap.
You now will take your needle and make sure the pull isn’t broken.  If it is broken you would tie off the ends first.
 Now the goal is to work the pull back through the wrap in both directions.  I start with one side and follow the weave of the wrap.  I will take the thread and distribute it evenly along the weave.
 Here is what it looks like after completing one side of the pull.  You will still see it a little loose but spread out along the wrap
 Both sides are now distributed along the weave.  I then take the wrap in hand and pull in all directions of stretch.  The next step is to wash the wrap on a warm cycle and lightly dry in the dryer to tighten up the weave again.  After that you should not be able to see the area of the pull at all.

Wrapsody Water Wrap Review

By B

We bought the Wrapsody Water Wrap because we thought it would be a popular choice in the lending library for summer. I was able to try it out with Baby Girl at a pool party recently.   I also took it along on an all day trip to the water park.

The material seems similar to rash guard shirts that the kids wear. It is said to be SPF 45. I always worry about my fair skinned kids burning, so another layer of sun protection is fantastic. I liked being able to spread the wrap out on my shoulders for some extra sun protection for myself.

And, really, nothing makes you feel more confident about your post baby swim suit body than strapping on a baby to cover part of it!

The wrap is rated for water use to 35 pounds; land use to 25 pounds. Baby Girl is less than than and was very comfortable in there. Like the rash guard shirts, the material is stretchy enough that I could pop baby in and out without untying, but not so stretchy that it was saggy. With a wiggly and squirmy 1 year old, I really like having a two shouldered carrier to contain her. I felt very secure in the pool with her.

At the water park, we did the wave pool and even a small slide with her in the wrap. Even wearing her around all day long, I didn’t feel like I needed to adjust too much. It was really nice to be able to help my older child fill water balloons and still take care of baby. I didn’t try this in the shower. I think the water ring sling might shine a bit more for that.

The material dried quickly, so it wasn’t awkward to wear around, even empty. Being very thin, this also folds up much smaller than most wraps. This is a big bonus for us as we are generally packing up half the house for a trip to the pool. The material is soft enough for use with a newborn.

All in all, I think this is a terrific water carrier for a tiny baby or squirmy toddler!

Tip Tuesday- Nursing in a Carrier


To wrap up World Breastfeeding Week, I thought today’s tip should show one of the ways to make breastfeeding easier while babywearing.  I am using our lending library’s Girasol in a size 2 in a rebozo carry.  I really like wearing a tank top under my shirt to provide belly coverage when using a ring sling or rebozo carry when you don’t have as much coverage from the carrier itself.

Before putting on the carrier I pull up my outer t-shirt.
 T-shirt now in position for nursing.
Next I would put on my carrier.  Put baby in a bit lower than normal to the right height for nursing in the upright position.
I can then pull down on my tank top or unclip it if it is one made for nursing.
Now I am in the nursing position with nipple fully exposed but plenty of coverage.  You can also use a button down shirt, one that crosses in the front for the same coverage.

Picture Day- World Breastfeeding Week Celebration

Some pics from Saturday’s World Breastfeeding Week Celebration. WBW is going on until the 7th.

Our booth

Style show and models:

You can see more pics
at Shane Rhoades Photography and at Buhl Photography. Both have lots of action shots of our VBEs helping people and of the style show. Huge thanks again to all who helped our booth and the style show come together and thanks to the Central Illinois Breastfeeding Task Force for having us!

Babywearing While Travelling


Babywearing while travelling is not only a convenience but also a necessity sometimes.

I love being able to wear my son while traveling.  Not only is it convenient, it is easy, quick and leaves me with free hands to do other things, such as pull my bags or grab a bite to eat.  We have travelled quite a bit by plane in the last few years and it is always so nice to keep my son close to me while walking through busy airports, waiting to go through customs or just trying to get to the next gate in a large airport on time.  While I love walking at a toddlers pace the majority of the time, sometimes you just need to get to the gate in a hurry.  I don’t have to worry about bumping into anyone with my stroller or stopping at the end of the jetway to open or fold up my stroller and HOPE that the baggage handler will be gentle with my stuff.  I walk right onto the plane with my son on my back and quickly find our seats.  If I am using a wrap it also has been a great snuggle blanket, pillow and cover up for breastfeeding.

On train rides


or boats

it is so much easier for me to get on and off the transportation in a timely manner and not have to struggle with equipment so that I can hold my bags with ease.  I have watched fellow passengers struggle with all their belongings and the stress it causes them.  I have even been asked to hold a women’s newborn at the security check point when she was traveling on her own as she had to disassemble her stroller and car seat and load it onto the scanner.  Of course you never mind holding a little newborn to help a mama out but I thought of how much easier it would have been for her to have the baby in a comfy sling and her hands free to do what she needed.

I have also worn my son while on day trips to museums or the airshow when the day is just a bit longer than little legs will hold out for.  It is so nice to be able to hear his comments and have communication that isn’t possible for me to have with him when he sits in a stroller without me stopping to bend over and hear what he is trying to say.

On this last trip I took with my son I was so grateful to have my carrier with me.  My son is 3 years old now and can walk the entire time at an airport especially with a direct flight so I thought I wouldn’t need a carrier.  As it turns out he hurt his foot the night before our flight in the hotel pool and had to be carried through the large airport.  Without my carrier I would have had no way to pull luggage and hold him in arms while travelling solo and being 6 months pregnant.  So next time you plan to travel by plane, train or even just in the city for the day consider the convenience of a carrier.

Sequoia Waves Review

By B

We recently received this gorgeous Didymos Sequoia Waves as a donation from Birdie’s Room. (Thanks!) The pattern of this wrap is absolutely stunning in an outdoor setting. The sun really plays up the subtle beauty of this versatile and neutral wrap.

The color is great because it’s Dad-friendly, but the varying shades keep it from being remotely blah. It’s really flattering for a lot of skin tones and would work with many wardrobe choices.

The weave of this wrap is more airy than some. This makes it a cool choice for hot weather. I still find it to be supportive for my 20 lb baby.

It is softer out of the box than some, not needing much breaking in. The more open weave does make it more prone to pulls/snags, but that same openness makes pulls easier to fix.

We have this in a size 4 (3.6 m), which I find to be a very versatile size. You can do a lot of carries without a lot of extra bulk, very nice for warm weather. This length and the thin fabric help Waves fold up fairly small for on the go. Just be careful if your diaper bag has velcro closures!

All in all, this is a beautiful wrap, thin and airy, terrific for hot day, but supportive enough for use year round.