Monthly Archives: June 2013

June Membership Drive!

Are you new to BWI and wondering what it’s all about? Or maybe you’ve been a part of the group for a while and want to know how you can help and reap the benefits for less than one cup of coffee a month?
BWI of Peoria is a chapter of Babywearing International that is operated by Volunteer Babywearing Educators. They are certified through the organization so you are guaranteed expert help when you come to a meeting. Yearly memberships are always available for $30/year and normally half of each membership goes back to BWI with the other half staying within our own chapter.
But for the month of June, the entire $30 membership, which breaks down to only $2.50/month, stays with the Peoria chapter. This is great for everyone involved as it allows more carriers to be added to the lending library, which means more of a selection to see what you really love. Even then, it’s always great to see what else is available, which is possible with a membership. After you’ve been to two events, you have the option to checkout any of the carriers until the next event (roughly two weeks). You can then check out a new carrier. In essence, you can continually have one of nearly 50 of the lending library’s carriers!
You may have a carrier, or 10, but still need/want something different for an event you have coming up. Going to the waterpark and want to use a water sling? Or maybe you have a wedding and want to keep your shy little one close in a silk sling that goes with your attire. It’s vacation time and maybe you’re heading to Disney and know your big preschooler won’t be able to walk the whole day and want to check out a sturdy tote. With a membership, you have access to all the carriers for all of life’s events.
So if you’ve been wondering about the group, have been contemplating a membership, or need to renew, now is the time! Feel free to contact a VBE at for more information or to activate your membership. Memberships can also be purchased at the topic meeting on Saturday, June 15th.