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Wrapping with Rings! A Hip Carry & Front Carry

So per your request here are a few tutorials on wrapping with sling rings. I wanted to start out with a front carry and a hip carry before I move onto back wrapping with rings. So stay tuned for future blog posts and video tutorials about back wrapping with rings! Please remember when using rings for babywearing that you only use rings from as they are tested for babywearing and weight. Never use welded rings as they are not tested!

This first video tutorial is for a common hip carry called Robin’s Hip Carry. This variation is done with one sling ring. You could use a large or medium sling ring for this carry! I used a large in this video. I learned this carry thanks to our VBE Courtney. This is a great carry for nursing and also not a bad carrier for a beginner. This carry should be used for a baby with relatively good head control I think. In the video I use our lending library’s Didymos Indio Size 3. You could accomplish this carry with any size really you just may have a good bit of tail remaining if you use your base size. So here is Robin’s Hip Carry with a Ring

Robin’s Hip Carry with a Ring Video Tutorial

The next carry is a Short Cross Carry (SCC) with a Ring. I used a large sling ring in this video as well but you should be able to use a medium for this carry too! This is also a great carry to nurse in. And since this is a poppable carry its also a great beginner carry. What’s a poppable carry? Basically its a carry you can pre tie without baby in there, you can then after its tied place baby in. Later when you take baby out you could leave it tied and pop baby in again later. This can be very nice for running errands! Again I used our lending library’s Didymos Indio Size 3! A wrap of a size 3 or 4 would probably be appropriate for this carry. So here is Short Cross Carry with a Ring!

Short Cross Carry with a Ring Video Tutorial

I absolutely love using sling rings when wrapping! So look out for future tutorials on back wrapping with rings! I plan to do one on the Mermaid carry! Hopefully these video tutorials help you with learning to wrap with the use of sling rings!



Sarah’s Front Cross Carry FCC

Here we have another tutorial this time from the awesome Sarah!!


I first started wearing my 11 month old son in a stretchy wrap when he was two weeks old … and he’s been worn daily since then! Around four months we made the switch to woven wraps and around 7 months we added in a ring sling (= life changing, since it’s pretty much the only way he will nurse in public). My husband also wears him in “daddy’s carriers” (our mei tais). At the beginning, my son loved to take naps on both of us in his carriers, but now that he’s older he mostly enjoys experiencing the world from the comfort of his parents’ (fabric) arms.


Well, what started out as a tiny post on how to tuck the tails of a fcc into the cross passes for ease of tightening has accidentally turned into a step-by-step photo tutorial. Which is probably a good thing, since fcc is a GREAT carry for beginners: (1) it’s a front carry (obvy), (2) it’s (mostly) a pre-tie, so there is very little messing about with trying to hold baby AND tie a long piece of cloth onto your body, (3) it’s poppable (i.e., once you’ve got the carry tied on you, you can pop baby in and out all day), and (4) there are two ways (of which I am aware) to nurse in a fcc.

If you’re a pro, skip down to photo 20 to see the tail trick (h/t to uppymama). If, on the other hand, you’re looking for an obsessively chronicled explanation of every step of tying on a fcc, settle in for a 47 photo (omg) tute!

Video slide show

Sarah’s Front Cross Carry Video Tutorial
(You may need to pause at points during the video)

Access to the 47 picture tutorial
Sarah’s Front Cross Carry Tutorial Photos


I need both my hands! Front Wrap Cross Carry in a Moby

My very first carrier with my 2nd daughter was the Moby. The moby, wrapsody, boba wrap and DIY stretchy wraps are from what I have seen many peoples gateway carrier into the world of woven wraps. Our lending library has a few stretchy wraps available which are great for squishes. What’s a squish? Your brand new baby!

Lending Library Stretchy/Hybrid Wraps:

Boba Wrap (BRAND NEW TO OUR LENDING LIBRARY, thank you Boba!)
Beachfront Babies Water Wrap Carrier (White)
Je Porte Mon Bebe (Dark Gray/Plum)
Sleepy Wrap, now known as Boba Wrap (Light Blue)
Wrapsody Bali Baby Stretch (Kai)
Wrapsody Water (Black)

So back to me! Haha! I had this piece of never ending stretchy fabric, 7 lbs worth of baby and a book with pictures that just confused me more! I tried the carry in the book (pocket wrap cross carry or something like that) and I just couldn’t get it situated the way I needed. Next stop the internet for video tutorials and there I learned the Front Wrap Cross Carry. Later on little did I know this carry would be my first carry in a woven wrap too! That’s what I love about it! I learned it with my stretchy and when my very first woven arrived in the mail I already knew how to do something! So with this new born baby, the housework falling way behind, no clean laundry in site and oh so sick of sitting on the couch and bed with my baby, time to babywear! I need two hands! Making a sandwich and throwing in a load of laundry became so much easier in an instant! So here is a very quick video and excuse my appearance I have been cleaning and what do you know doing laundry all day but here it is! The Front Wrap Cross Carry aka FWCC in a Moby! Also just a note you can take the tails on each side after your all done and spread them.


Front Wrap Cross Carry Video Tutorial