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September 21st 2013 Meeting Recap: Babywearing & Working out

This past Saturday we had a babywearing workout meeting. Wait what??? Babywearing and working out? Most moms after having their babies don’t want to leave them with a sitter or the gym daycare in order to work out! So that’s where babywearing comes in. Our meeting was lead by the amazing Anna from Once Upon a Sling in Bloomington! Anna will be putting together a babywearing workout class in Bloomington, so check out or FaceBook Chat group for future information on that! We also welcomed a brand new VBE, thats Volunteer Babywearing Educator, Sarah Scullin! You may remember her from a few blog posts ago and her awesome picture tutorial on the Front Cross Carry!

So first a few things Anna let us know regarding safety of baby wearing and working out. First off she suggested a two shoulder carry for babywearing and working out. So hang up your ring sling for this one. She also suggested to really listen to your body, know your limits and be aware of your baby at all times. Also don’t run or jump while babywearing! Another safety precaution was to be aware of your babies neck and head. Babies can be worn on front or back.

She started out with what she called a warm-up. I think most of us were about to call it quits just after that! We mostly worked on legs which included, lunges and squats. We did walking calf raises and this silly walk where we kept out toes in the air. We all kind of looked like penguins. We also did some standing abs with some hip flexor exercises where we lifted our knee to our elbow. We were all pretty tired so Anna demonstrated some other exercises where we could use baby as a weight, lay on our backs and push baby into the air!

There were many other exercises I know I am forgetting but you can always check out Anna’s class in Bloomington and look out for future babywearing workout meetings! Also don’t forget about Sarah and that there is now a 4th VBE to field your babywearing questions to!