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Review: Comfy Joey Toddler Width Ring Sling



I wore my 24# 15 mo in this carrier for several up/down trips and one longer nursing session. I like the extra width on the carrier for a tall toddler (like my guy). He loves to bounce himself in carriers, so with ring slings I always make a VERY deep seat for him (like, the bottom rail comes up to his bellybutton deep). With the extra width on this carrier, I can do that with no problem and still have plenty of fabric for a snuggly nap, if that ever happens.


I love the black and white look of the fabric. It’s very classy, while still making a fashion statement. For men with an aversion to anything slightly girly, this is a great option!


I was surprised to find out the fabric is silk! It’s thin and strong, with little to no stretch or bounce, but with some cush. The texture is a little rough to the touch (not silky, by any means), but not at all irritating.


The shoulder is a simple gathered shoulder. Shoulder style is always a personal preference kind of thing. The advantage to a gathered shoulder is being able to cup the fabric onto the outside of your shoulder. This spreads the fabric (and baby’s weight) out more.

Meeting Recap: Saturday, November 16: How to Get Baby on Your Back

by VBE Sarah

Our VBEs demonstrated several ways to get a baby on your back.

VBE Kirsteen demonstrated the chair method with a soft-structured carrier (can also be done with a mei tai or a wrap):

image-MOTION (4)


VBE Beth demonstrated the hip scoot, straps in front method with a soft-structured carrier (can also be done with a mei tai):




VBE Jill demonstrated the hip scoot with a mei tai (can also be done with a soft-structured carrier or a wrap):

image-MOTION (1)

VBE Courtney demonstrated the Santa Toss method with a woven wrap:

image-MOTION (2)

VBE Sarah demonstrated the Superman Toss method with a woven wrap (can also be done with a mei tai or a soft-structured carrier, either already fastened around the waist, or with the straps of the carrier around baby’s shoulders):


VBE Sarah also demonstrated the Over the Head method with a woven wrap (can also be done with a mei tai or a soft-structured carrier already fastened around the waist):


image-MOTION (3)