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TBT – Beginning Babywearing

For Throwback Thursday, we’ve compiled some great posts for those just beginning their baby wearing journey!

Looking to purchase a carrier? Here are some tips for you.

New to wrapping? Here are some good carries to try: Front Cross CarryFront Wrap Cross Carry, Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (best carry to start with if you have a stretchy wrap, aka a “moby-style” wrap)

Trying a back carry for the first time? Here’s an easy and safe way to get baby on your back.

Having trouble getting a “good seat”? Check out these tips!

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Didn’t find what you were looking for? Feel free to poke around on our blog – there’s some good stuff there!

Breaking in a wrap (Didymos THI (Turqoise Hemp Indio))

by VBE Jill


I recently had the opportunity to purchase a new Didymos that was released in October. As some of you saw on our Facebook page, I bought turquoise hemp indio (THI). It took some convincing of the husband and some site stalking to find one in a size I wanted that wasn’t sold out but I found a size 4 from Baby Adorables. I must say, quick shipping and everything was great! Anyway, I immediately opened it, dying to see my new wrap. It was gorgeous… and then I picked it up. It felt like burlap. I knew about stiff wraps – you always hear about them – but this was my first NEW wrap purchase. I started questioning if this wrap was really going to be as awesome as I had hoped.


I wrapped with it and it was loose because it wasn’t moldable. I tried wrapping my 7 year old. I brought it to the meeting and the color was a hit. So I was determined to soften it up as quickly as possible! I washed it on hot (please check the care of your wrap before washing as not all material can be treated the same; hemp loves heat) and hung it to dry. Felt a little better but still rough. I steam ironed the heck out of it, which helped a lot. Then when I had company over, I mindlessly started braiding it. I have twisted it with my husband over and over. Basically, anything to get the fibers to loosen up. It is so much softer but I know it still has a way to go. But the key is, don’t be afraid to wear a wrap that isn’t broken it. It will only help the process along. To make sure I don’t give up on it, I have tried to make it my sole carrier.


If you’re wondering what else you can do to break in a wrap, there are plenty of things to try. You can tie it around your table and create a hammock for your child(ren). Putting it under your fitted sheet and sleeping on it will also help loosen it up. Have a crib or banister? Try feeding the wrap through the slats. The more you move the carrier, the softer it will become.


Buying new can be daunting due to the amount of work that goes into breaking in a wrap and buying used from a b/s/t group is a wonderful option. But hopefully my experience will help those of you who choose to buy new.