Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Adventures of Babywearing

by VBE Kirsteen

The adventures of babywearing has many different meanings for me. I began the adventure 5.5 years ago with my son and have been able to wear multiple children over the years. Learning what each child prefers and what carriers work best for each one is always fun. My son always loved back carries and we used Soft Structured Carriers most with him. My daughter has always preferred hip and front carriers over back carriers so we use ringslings and wraps most often now. I have enjoyed the adventure of trying all the different style of carriers available. I started with the Moby wrap for my winter baby and loved the cozy closeness but it is a lot of material. We also used an Infantino front pack a friend gifted to me one time but did not find that comfortable. I soon learned of pouches, Mei Tais, ringslings, Podageis, Onbuhimos, woven wraps and soft structured carriers. I am so excited our lending library now contains 70 of these types of carriers now for people to try first without buying.
The adventure of babywearing has also allowed us to go places that would not have been accessible without wearing. Such as hikes around different national parks or points of interest like the Eiffel Tower. We have strolled Hadrian’s Wall and ridden on gondolas at Colorado ski resorts while wearing. I was able to watch my son’s first time skiing while wearing my daughter in January in Colorado which would not have been possible without wearing her in my coat.

The adventure of babywearing has been most significant in the form of travel for me. I cannot imagine how I would navigate airports, planes, trains and buses with luggage and bags without being able to wear my child. I have helped mothers hold their babies while they disassemble the stroller/car seat combo to go through security for scanning while I walked through with my child on my back. I have been able to enter small stores and restaurants without having to worry about storing my stroller outside. I was also able to carry my son while pregnant through the airport on a solo trip after he had injured his foot.

The greatest adventure in babywearing for me has been starting this group and being able to help caregivers find the carrier that works best for them. To introduce babywearing to someone and watch them get excited once they find that perfect carrier is such a treat. To hear how it helps in everyday life or with bonding with a new baby has been the best adventure yet.