Babywearing – A Parenting Tool not a Parenting Method



Traditional, Attachment, Authoritative, Unconditional, Simplictiy, Authoritarian…It is enough to make your head spin and there are diehard proponents and opponents of both.  Parenting is a individual choice and varies widely between families.  Babywearing reaches across all different types of parenting.  A lot of people do associate babywearing with some of the more alternative methods of parenting but it doesn’t have to be.  Babywearing International of Peoria is not associated with any parenting groups and we don’t tell you how to parent your child.  We help you learn to safely carry your child and we show you the different carrier options.

There are lots of benefits to babywearing.  Among others, it can help you calm a fussy child, get your vacuuming done,

play games with an older child or coax a child to fall asleep.

Babywearing is a tool, a way to help any parent be a better parent and what it means to be a better parent is up to you.  It can also be a tool other caregivers can use.  I’ve seen grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, babysitters and friends wearing babies.  You can wear your baby anytime and anywhere,  I’ve worn my kids at my house, shopping, sporting events, concerts, church, hiking, etc.

There are lots of reason to look further at babywearing and thinking that babywearing makes you a certain type of parent is not a good reason to reject it.  Most people find that babywearing is easy and beneficial.  We invite you to attend a babywearing event and see for yourself.