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Our latest featured carry is Robin’s Hip Carry.  I am a big fan of hip carries because I find it easier to wrap then a back carry but I can often do more than in a front carry because my view is not obstructed.  For me, hip carries are good for shorter durations and I especaily like this one because it is so easy to tie.  I am using a Girasol 4 for this demo but I am pretty petite.  I do have lots of extra tail though.  My baby is 8 months old.  Personally, I like to wait until a baby is able to sit up well before I try a hip carry.


Now for our featured carry, please try this carry yourself and post pictures of yourself or a link to your favorite tutorial.  Feel free to ask questions.


First I find the center of my wrap.  This carry is asymmetric so the wrap will not be centered on you baby.  I like to start with the center on the opposite shoulder of the side where the you’d like to carry the child.  Be careful not to twist the wrap.  I then move the center of the wrap forward about one foot.  You’ll want to end up with more wrap in front of you then behind you but you’ll need to try the carry a few times before you know exactly what works for you.  You can start with your baby on your hip or you can pick up your child at this point.

After you get the wrap situated, you will reach behind you and grab the edge of the wrap closest to your child.  This edge will end up as the top rail.



Holding this edge in your hand, bring the wrap around your baby.  The top edge should be armpit heighth or higher on your child.



With the bottom edge, you want to make sure you get a really good seat.  The wrap should go from knee to knee. You can pull the wrap up a little between your baby’s legs and you to get a deeper seat.


Holding that portion of the wrap in the hand close to your baby, use your other hand to grab the portion of the wrap hanging over the front of your shoulder and tighten it.


After the wrap is tight, complete a Lexi twist by crossing both ends and then crossing them again


Bring the longer portion up over your shoulder opposite baby, back around your back and under baby.



Make a double knot under baby’s butt.


You have now completed Robin’s Hip Carry.  Try it out and take some pictures to post on our Facebook page.


Happy Wrapping!!

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