Featured Carry- Secured High Back Carry

By B

I’ll admit it, I brushed up on this carry just to share with you guys! Personally, I’m not a big chest belt fan, so this isn’t a carry I use in regular wearing. I do think this is a great first back carry, though. The chest belt secures baby right away, so you can take your time and fiddle around with getting the rest right. If you’ve been following our Featured Carries, you’ve probably improved at tightening the whole wrap and tightening the top rail. That is especially important in a comfy back carry as a loose wrap or loose top rail causes baby to lean away from you, throwing off your center of gravity and making you hate back wrapping.

If you are new to back carries, I strongly advise you to learn over a bed or couch or with a spotter. Please do not go throwing baby around all crazy until you feel comfortable with what you are doing!

Now, on to the carry! I’m using the lending library’s Ellevill Zara, which is 4.6 m, a size 6. I have extra length left over. I could do this carry with a 4.2 m easily. My baby is 9 months here.

Start by getting your baby onto your back, nice and high. You might try our tip from last week if you need some help figuring out how to get baby up.

You want baby to be in a nice seat in the wrap. We do this by tucking the wrap under baby’s bottom, between your body and baby’s. You can hold the ends of the wrap between you legs while you do this. Or I like to hold both of the top rails under my chin. I’m making sure to stay bent over and have my hand on baby or be keeping both ends of the wrap tight to secure her there. The wrap needs to be up to at least her armpits, but can be up over her shoulders.

You want one end of the wrap coming over your shoulder and one end coming under the other arm. This is known as a “rebozo pass”

Tie a half knot on your chest. This chest belt secures baby so you can do the rest of the carry without worrying she’s going to fall off.

I’ll be dealing first with the tail coming from the arm where the wrap goes over my shoulder, in my case, my left arm. The other end can just hang as baby is already secured to my back. I’ll hold this tail like a rope, all bunched up and bring it over baby’s leg

Bring it under her bottom and passing it to my other hand

Then under the other leg

I’m holding that end between my knees while I deal with the other tail, the one on the side where the wrap is going under my arm. (Apparently, something funny happened at this point in the photo shoot.)

I pass this tail over my right shoulder.

Grab the top edge of it with my left hand

Spread it out

I want to spread this pass of the wrap across baby’s back as high up as I can get it. You can use your left elbow to help spread the wrap up high.

I make sure to tighten this pass well, pulling on the whole wrap to tighten the whole thing and the top to tighten the top rail. Make sure not to overtighten the bottom and pull it out from baby’s butt.


Once I’m sure I have everything nice and tight (do a little tug on either end of the wrap if you need to), I’ll tie in a knot at the front.


There you have Secured High Back Carry!


We encourage you to wrap along with us. Share your pics on our Facebook page, ask questions, share your tips for getting this carry just right.