Babywearing Knowledge: Sharing is Caring?


As with any topic, the more I learn about babywearing the more that I want to share.  While I don’t consider myself an expert, I do think that I know something about babywearing.  This is a good thing when friends and acquaintances ask me for advice.  Babywearing can be overwhelming and I like being a bit of a tour guide and introducing people to different ways to carry.  However, sometimes I see people wearing their baby in a way that isn’t necessarily the best way to carry their baby.  In this situation, it can be tricky to know what to do.
The first thing to consider, is the safety of the baby.  If a baby is in an unsafe position, you should definitely say something.  I introduce myself first, say that I also like wearing my baby and I noticed that their baby was too low or baby was in a curled position or whatever the case may be.  I might say something to the effect that it took me a little while to get things down but now that I had been babywearing for a while things were easier and it was much more comfortable for me and my baby and that my baby loves it now.
The second thing to consider is the comfort of the baby and parent.  If the baby or parent is obviously uncomfortable, this is another instance where I would introduce myself, talk briefly about a babywearing benefit and then offer suggestions.  I would try to speak from my personal experiences.  I might say things  like “it seemed as if my baby was fussy until I started wearing them higher, more supported, etc”.  I consider this the most difficult situation.  Remember that the most important thing is that they are wearing their baby.  I would say something in this case if I thought it would help them continue to babywear.  I don’t want people to stop wearing because it was uncomfortable when I might have been able to offer a suggestion to help.
In the last case, where everyone looks content but they are just doing things differently than I would do.  I really wouldn’t say anything in the moment.  I would introduce myself, say I loved babywearing and invite her to our next event.  I would sell it as “Come hang out with other people who wear their babies and talk babywearing” rather than “You need to come learn more about babywearing”  I would give her a card and direct her to our facebook page and blog.  Hopefully, they check out our resources and come to a meeting.  Once there, they can see plenty of examples of good babywearing.
In all these situations, the important thing is to have people wearing their babies.  As long as the safety of the baby is not an issue,the other stuff doesn’t matter as much.  People are parenting the best way they know how and they may not want unsolicited advice.  If you think saying something could do more damage than good, then just invite to a babywearing event or even just don’t say anything at all.