Chimparoo Mei Tai Review



The Chimparoo Mei Tai is different thanany other mei tai that I have tried and I really liked it. The key difference is that the mei tai is made out of woven wrap material. Chimparoo has their own wraps and they used this as a basis for this carrier. Since the material is so supportive, they do not need a stiffer interior canvas panel that many mei tais use. Using the woven wrap material also made the mei tai very soft and snuggly. I thought I could get a tighter fit with my son than I could with other traditional mei tais. The Chimparoo Mei Tai in our BWI Peoria library is a pretty blue and purple colorway, but there are lots of good options on their website.

I used this met tai primarily with my eight month old son. He weighs about 18 lbs. Something I really liked about this carrier is that both the height and width are adjustable. I synched the base in a little bit so he didn’t have quite as far of leg spread, and I also shortened it so he could look around. We wore it out while hiking and it performed very well. I had him in a front carry during the hike and he fell asleep. There is a built in hood that rolls up, so I unsnapped and used it to support his little head. I also did a back carry with my son in this carrier and I was able to get him really high. I tied the waist straps close under my chest and he was able to look over my shoulder. This extended the amount of time that he was content on my back.

Another thing, is this carrier was my gateway carrier for nursing. I hadn’t really mastered nursing in carriers until I tried it is this one. I don’t know if it was this carrier’s flexibility in supporting my son or something else but since mastering nursing in this carrier, I have been able to replicate with other carriers. It was also very discrete.

I like to get my money’s worth in acarrier, so any carrier I can also use with my 25 pound two year old daughter is a plus. I adjusted both the width and height to accommodate her (very easy to do quickly.) The wrap material was sufficient to support her comfortably while I cooked dinner. I was pleased with the height of the carrier on her back. I did not have the height at the maximum and the weight limit of the carrier is 30 lbs so she still has some growing room.

The adjustability in the width and some additional features allow this mei tai to be used with very young babies as well. I am looking forward to hearing what a mother with a newborn thinks of this Chimparoo.

Like some wraps, this carrier was slightly slippy and I did readjust. The carrier was brand new when I tried it and I think that this should get better as the carrier gets worn more.

Finally, this carrier is good for summer usage. I think it would be fairly cool due to the lack of interior paneling. It also folds up pretty small to tuck into a diaper bag or stash in a car. If you are a mei tai fan or if you haven’t loved mei tais before I recommend trying the Chimparoo as it is completely different from other mei tais. There is a 10% discount for BWI Peoria members as well.