Another Scootababy Review

By H

Reviewed with children age (s)

6-18 months

2 years and up

Brief Description

The Scootababy is a soft structured
carrier that is used with baby positioned (seated) slightly to the
side (almost on your hip), inward facing position.  The strap fits
over your head and shoulder and is adjustable to comfort.

(Note: Scootababy can also be used on your front or your back. I do think it really shines as a hip carrier, though. ~B)


Learning curve

This carrier is very user friendly and
easy to pop baby in and out.  A beginner would be able to use this
carrier. Adjusting straps was easy and it was clear when baby was in
the correct position.



The carrier would be great for standing
and socializing, light housework and quick trips. I also thought this
carrier was easy for sitting down to eat a meal with baby.  I used it
both at home and in restaurants.  Baby is to the side and cannot
reach your food as well and could see everything. I also found it
easier to reach above my head, then I do in a typical front carry


This carrier is different from most
soft structured carriers because baby goes on the side of your body
more easily than in front or behind. It can be used on either side of
your body with little adjustment.


Ease of nursing in this carrier
I don’t typically nurse with a carrier, but in this case, it appeared
so easy that I had to try it.  I did not have to reposition baby
much, just adjust my own clothing.  This would be great for moms who
are busy around the house.


Weather considerations

This carrier would be easy to use for
quick trips in nice weather.  I found it difficult to use under a



This carrier has secure buckles and an
adjustable cross strap for secure fit.  Baby fits into a seat and it
easy to tell that baby is in correct position.


Good for a baby who can sit up on their
own.  I tried with my 3 year old (since he the weight limit was
37lbs), He fit comfortably, but because his feet hung down too much
and were in the way when I walked.




Scootababy comes with a drawstring
nylon tote bag that the carrier fits in for easy transport. I loved
this and plan to find a similar bag to use for my carriers.   It
would also fold up to fit in a large diaper bag.