Tip Tuesday- Two Ways to Wear a Pouch

This week we will talk about using a pouch and the two ways to wear it.  I don’t like the pouch for when babies are under 4 months old but I think they work nicely when they are at the stage of sitting up and curious to look around.  They also are great to have in the diaper bag or leave in the car in case you need to make a quick trip into a store.  I will be using a Hotsling from the lending library.  The first way to wear it is the shoulder flip which is the way my Hotsling directions has listed.
First take the tube of fabric and fold it in half with the outside edges touching and the small tag on the outside showing.
Take your folded tube and put it over your head sash style with the edges facing up.  I like to carry on my left hip so I put my left arm through the fabric and it ends up over my right shoulder.
 Here you can see the pocket opening facing up.  You also want to position the seam so it will sit right on the baby’s bottom.
 Now you hold baby in a high burp position, reach under the pouch and guide baby’s legs through the pouch.
 Still guiding baby through the pouch to sit into the seam area. Spread the fabric to baby’s knees and place baby’s knees higher than his bottom to ensure a nice seat.
Now with baby seated in the pouch you can tighten up the top portion by pulling down the top piece of material that is sitting on your shoulder
Here is what it will look like when complete (baby does have legs out although my hand is covering that).

Now to show you how to wear the pouch with a twist.  This way is really nice if the sling is slightly too large.  

First take the tube and fold in half inside out.    You can see the tags are on the outside of the pouch.
Slide your arm through sash style but the opening will now be facing the floor.
Next you will take the bottom outside edge of the pouch and bring it up towards you.  This will bring all the tags back to the inside of the pouch.
Still keep your seam area for the baby’s bottom.  Slide baby in from a high burp position and reach under to bring the legs through.
 Bring pouch up baby’s back.

 This is what the pouch will look like when worn with the twist.  It keeps baby in snug while keeping both pouch pieces over your shoulder.