Bamberoo Review

By M

I love the Bamberoo Carrier!


I have always been an Ergo-girl. And my Ergo has served me well, but I also had been trying out other SSC to see if I liked them any better, especially as my daughter was getting bigger (she is a 17lb., 11 month old).


I couldn’t believe how quickly I fell in love with the Bamberoo (I am not someone who says this about every carrier I meet).

What I liked best was the waist belt, it just supported her so well. My husband and I both have taller frames, and it fit us both perfectly.

I also liked the wider body and the seat darts.


I wasn’t as in love with the hood – I am not sure why but I it never seemed to work as well for us as the Ergo hood did.


The best part for me was with the wider body I was able to nurse by daughter with full coverage. No one could see anything she was doing or even knew she was eating. This was the only way we survived our vacation! Vacations can be hard on small children and all the new places, missed naps, etc. But the Bamberoo made it much more enjoyable for all of us. I joked the 2 things that made our vacation successful were the Bamberoo & Breastfeeding :) My daughter was able to eat anytime she needed and sleep anytime she needed.

In fact, this carrier was such a hit that we now are going to buy one of our own.

Reviewed with a child aged: 6-18 months

Brief Description
The Bamberoo Soft-Structure Carrier has buckles, no tying, so it makes its quicker to learn and get on. I feel like the Bamberoo was ‘designed’ for long-wearing as the seat darts make it comfy for child, the waist belt is very supportive, the shoulder straps and comfy & padded, and the hood is versatile for running in the rain, keeping a child warm, helping a sleepy baby sleep or allowing baby to nurse discreetly.

Learning curve
I have experience with the Ergo carrier, so I have used a SSC before.
I think this is an easy carrier to use. Its straight-forward and easy to buckle. My husband prefers the SSC. The back carry can be hard to learn (this is true in any carrier) and I was sure to practice the first few times using the Bamberoo for a back carry inside the house or over a couch, because it was a different carrier and I wasn’t as efficient at doing a back carry in it. But I had already done back carries in the Ergo, so it didnt take me long to figure it out, too. My husband does back carries as well, but I still spot him for them.

This carrier is good for everything! I really have done everything in it. We have walked, gone to the park, gone to museums, done a long trip, traveled on mass-transit (bus & train), we nursed, she slept – all activities! And at home I have used it to easily put her on my back to go chores, etc. I recently put her on my back to go to the Mall – and it was so much easier than all the moms I saw with strollers – I could quickly get from store to store and be done & she was happy to look around and see the action so she was content.

I like the seat darts & the wider body. I also liked the supportive waist belt. It fit me better than many SSCs I’ve tried.

Ease of nursing in this carrier
This carrier was so easy to nurse in. I sometimes would nurse in carriers, but not very often. But with vacation it was necessary so it was a little work to figure out how best to nurse, what clothes for me to wear, etc. The extra wide body & hood made it easier for me because we could discreetly nurse and no one knew. On vacation we were regularly crammed on a bus or train with people and I worried with men standing RIGHT next to me that it would be awkward but no one could tell!