Confessions of a Babywearer


Confessions of a babywearer

So I am going to tell you the ugly truth. Babywearing is not all rainbows and kittens like you might think. Are you a babywearer? Then you probably know what I am talking about.

There are many times when I babywear for reasons other than to be close and snuggle with my little one. In fact, some of these times I would (gasp) prefer NOT to be babywearing. And even some of those times, my child would prefer I was not wearing him. 

Here is my top five list of times I DON”T love babywearing.

*Full disclosure- I have a 15 month old.

Safety. Wearing your child can help keep them safe from things like running out in the street or falling into a pool. Awesome tool, until your little one really wants to run in the street and jump in the pool. I would rather be holding hands with my obedient little person and talking to him about how much fun it will be to swim later than carrying him on back while he constantly begs me to put him down.

Keeping him out of my stuff. I am typically a big fan of letting children explore their world, but there are just sometimes you must prevent your child from throwing your nicely folded laundry on the floor or from splashing in the dog’s water bowl. My child and I don’t always agree on this. Babywearing to the rescue!

Keep him out of other people’s stuff. Everyone has been invited to a friend’s house with the promise of a great time (“sure bring the kids”, they say) and then find out very quickly just how un-childproof their home actually is. If you haven’t had this happen to you yet, I promise you will. Every breakable, expensive, tiny object in their house is just screaming for your child to touch it. Do you think I would I rather be babywearing (=standing) or sitting at their tall glass table sipping a drink from their $75 crystal glass?

Cleaning. Yes, babywearing is great for cleaning since you don’t have a little one un-cleaning behind you or to worry about. Would I rather mop my floors and clean my toilet without 25 lbs of child on my back? Yes!

When everything else has failed. Babywearing is one of my tools, but again it is not always my preference to babywear. I would much rather of have a peacefully sleeping child then be clocking some mileage as a walk around the block with him on my back for the 3rd time.
All of this said, babywearing will be one of the things I miss most as my children grow up. I am sure looking back; I will miss those even not so desirable babywearing times and wish I could have a hair-pulling toddler on my back once again.