Scootababy review

By B

I’m not normally much of a hip carrier, so I wasn’t sure how much I’d be into the Scootababy. As it turns out, I need to do more hip carries. Baby girl was cuddling up like a little monkey, hanging onto my side. I loved it!

This carrier is really really easy to use. If you don’t like your current carrier because it is too fiddly, this may be the carrier for you. Even if you have no carrier experience, you can easily get your child into it safely. I even had my completely non-babywearing husband try it out. I gave him no hints, he’d never seen a picture of it. I just handed it to him and said, “I’m doing an experiment, put this on.” He almost, almost got it totally correct. He didn’t realize it was a hip carrier and had the strap going across his neck instead. Once I told him it was a hip carrier, he fixed it without help. So, if you consider yourself somewhat carrier challenged, you can still do this one!

I tried this with my 4.5 month old, 15 lb daughter, and, briefly, with my 35 lb, 3.5 year old son. He was definitely a bit long for the hip carry. I wouldn’t use it with such a big kid on a regular basis, but it would definitely get you through the grocery store in a pinch. This is a really great size for my daughter. I didn’t feel like she was swallowed up by it. I’d recommend this carrier for age 5-24 months. This carrier is not suitable to be used with little little babies, but for babies who have head and trunk control. Around the age you start carrying your baby on your hip this carrier would work for you.

Things I like about this carrier:

-It’s SO easy to use!

-The straps adjust both directions, so you can get everything just where you want it.

– It cinches small and expands large, need for an “extender belt”.

-It is clearly designed with comfort in mind, the fleece on the shoulder is soft and just the right size. It is big enough to spread out, but doesn’t restrict range of motion. There is a hip pad for the opposite side of the baby.

-You can easily  use it for front, hip or back carries. It is simple to switch in between the three. We used it while I did laundry today. I had baby on my hip, then moved her to my back so I could bend over and sort. I didn’t need to remove the carrier, didn’t need to adjust the straps, I just slid her around my hip to my back. She was secure in the carrier the whole time. I think that would be appealing to someone new at back carries and nervous about how to get baby there.

-It’s super easy to nurse in this carrier! With it being so so easy to adjust, you can effortlessly lower baby enough to be at nursing height with minimal fiddling.

-Love the drawstring carrying bag!

-These are a pretty dad friendly carrier, between the buckles and the neutral prints available.

-Since it’s so easy to get baby in and out of, this is a great carrier for a day of errands. It’s also great for an on the go toddler who wants to get up then down.

Update to review:
I finally managed to take pics with this when Baby Peach was 7 months old. This carrier is still really user friendly and comfy at this age.

It is an awesome carrier to wear out in public when you know you will be switching between different carrying positions. My least favorite thing about babywearing in public is helpful strangers dashing over to “help” me put baby on. With the Scootababy, you don’t need to remove the carrier or baby to switch positions. It is very very easy to slide baby from front to hip to back. This makes it a great carrier for things like grocery shopping (no pushing the debit card machine buttons for you) or dining out.