Wrapsody Water Wrap Review


I was very excited to try the BWI of Peoria’s new water wrap.  I have a mesh ring sling I use when swimming, but I am a ring sling weakling and don’t like them for very long.  I was spending all day on the water and needed something more comfortable.  

The water wrap is made from a swimsuit like material and is solid black.  It is made by Wrapsody.  Wrapsody also makes a lightweight gauze wrap and a hybrid stretchy wrap which I really like. The water wrap is like a special version of a stretchy wrap. It is only for front and some hip carriers, but not for back carries.  I wouldn’t recommend any back carries in the water anyway.  This wrap is rated for 25 lbs on dry land and 35 lbs in the water because of the buoyancy the water provides.

I used this with my 11 month old son.  I was trying to use a hip wrap cross carry which was my first attempt at this carry.  The wrap was narrower than I expected and it was also slippery as well.  I do not have a lot of experience wrapping and probably should have chosen an easier carry to start with, but I managed to get him secure.  Once he was secure and we were in the water, we were both very comfortable.  We played in the water for a while and he was content the entire time.  My son weighed closed to 20 lbs, but, when we were in the water, I didn’t notice much sag in the wrap.

My 2 year old daughter is close to 30 lbs, but scared of the water.  I wanted to see if having her in a wrap would make her more accepting of the water.  I used a front wrap cross carry with her and had a lot more success in actually tying the wrap.  She loved it.  Being held so securely against me relieved her fears and she was able to enjoy the water.  I did notice more sag with her but it was totally worth it to get her out into the water.

I would recommend a water wrap for both 1 and 2 years old.  It was great with my daughter and worked even better than just holding her in my arms.  I wasn’t able to do much with her on my front, but having her securely wrapped did allow me to acclimate her to the water.  It was also great for my son because he needs a lot of supervision near the water.  I could use the water wrap with him and play with my daughter in the shallow water.