Kozy Review

By B

Review of the Kozy Mei Tai

Kozy has been around for a long time! This is a name that babywearers have heard of, have come to know and respect. If you buy a Kozy and go to resell it a few years down the road, you’ll be able to. People will know of this brand. It can be harder to resell the carrier you bought from the hot WAHM at the time who, 3 years later, isn’t making carriers anymore (says the voice of experience).

Kozys have a curved headrest to offer additional head support when needed. The headrest can fold down for a taller baby, but fold back up if baby goes to sleep. The body is a little taller and wider than some other carriers on the market. You can roll it down for a smaller baby, unroll it for a larger one. The specifications: body is 17″ wide x 22″ high. Top straps are 65″, bottom straps are 30″ on a standard size. You can get XL straps, 80″ and 40″ as well. If you want to cross the straps over baby’s bum and tie them behind your back, you’ll probably want the XL straps, same with if you want to do a “Lexi twist”. I’d consider myself average size and I tie these under baby’s bottom.The waist straps on this are angled, rather than straight, which can fit some bodies better.

Shown here with my just shy of 5 months old.

Gratuitous baby adorableness shot

Kozy had the absolute best, most comprehensive mei tai tying instructions I’ve seen. They have pics and instructions for just about anything you’d want to do with your mei tai.

I love that they are a family owned and run company. You can read their story here. It’s nice dealing with a company run by the sort of people you’d like to hang out with. Kozy is definitely that company. Everyone I’ve dealt with is really as nice as can be.

These carriers run towards the more affordable side, with the basic model starting at $69. You can upgrade to cute fabric, add extra long straps or a pocket for an extra fee. Kozys also come with an adorable fabric tote.

They can be worn reversed for a different look, a nice option if you want a print, but your spouse wants something plainer.

Kozys, like other mei tais, are great for nursing. I think mei tais are the easiest carrier to nurse in. I just untie, lower baby and retie. You can a lot of good coverage, great for stealth nursing in public.

Ignore the weird face I’m making and who knows what’s on my sleeve, but I am discreetly nursing here.

Kozys are a great choice for someone looking for an affordable carrier that can go the distance, from infant to toddler, with a lot of versatility.