Catbird Mei Tai


By B

This Catbird Baby Mei Tai was donated by Once Upon a Sling.

They have 2 exclusive prints in this carrier, the Citron Birds and Owl Owls. They also have a number of other prints. I love the Citron Birds!

With the yellow and grey and the birds, it feels very trendy. I really like that it’s an exclusive. You know that a bajillion other people aren’t going to be wearing the exact same carrier as you, even if you are with a lot of other babywearers. These carriers are well priced, $89, with the “Babywearing Essentials” Catbird priced at only $69. If you’re on a tighter budget, this is a great way to try out a quality carrier for less money.

When wearing a mei tai  in a front carry, I prefer to cross the straps over babies butt and tie behind my back. It gives more support for a heavier baby.  I like that the straps on the Catbird are just long enough for me to criss cross in the front.

The Catbird has a flat hood, great for supporting a sleeping baby’s head. It ties onto the shoulder straps. The hood can be folded inside when not in use.

A unique feature of the Catbird is the elastic adjustment loop. You can use this to make the base of the carrier smaller.

Catbird says you can carry front facing out this way. I’m still not a fan of front facing out, but if you really must, this is a carrier that can do it in a more supportive fashion than many. I would use the base adjustment to enable a tiny baby to ride legs out. My daughter was not into the froggie legs in carriers as a teensy baby. She really preferred to ride legs out. This carrier would enable you to do that from a young age.

Mei tais are my favorite carrier for on the go. You can tie the waist on and leave it tied while you pop in and out of the car. We travel by bus sometimes. I really really like mei tais for that. You can start off with baby on the front, then, without taking the carrier off, move baby to a back carry. You just do the hip scoot.

I like nursing in mei tais as well. You just untie the shoulder straps, lower baby to nursing level and retie. Baby nurses upright in the carrier. You have a lot of coverage in this as well.

Apparently, this carrier also tastes great!