Shower wearing

One of my very first sling purchases, when my now¬†3.5 year old was tiny was a shower ring sling. He was a baby who did not want to be put down and I was a mama who didn’t want to put him down. I tried showering with him once just holding him. It felt so dangerous! He was so tiny, so slippery. My husband insisted that I buy a sling if I were going to shower with him. So, I did. I got a water mesh ring sling, made from the sort of material that a football jersey is. It just doesn’t soak up the water. I wore it all the time with my son. We’ve used it for pool wearing as well. Now, with my daughter, we have 3 in the shower at times and the water sling is key. It allows me to help big brother shampoo his hair without trying to grip a sudsy squirmer.

These are also great for use in the pool. If you get a bit longer tail, you can pull it over and tuck it in on the opposite side, to shade baby’s legs a bit more. We did this last year at the pool.

Now, Comfy Joey has water slings! They are in an assortment of cute colors (as are all things CJ), not just the standard black and white. They also have the super comfy Comfy Joey hybrid shoulder. The material is a bit different from my other water sling. The mesh is more tightly woven, the holes smaller. This makes is much less slippy when dry. I bet this also is an improvement for use in the sun, better sun shading, while still being very breathable. (These do NOT have built in UV protection, so you should still be using sunblock if you are not keeping baby in the shade.)