Winter babywearing

Babywearing in the cool weather can be better with some tips, tricks and products. Let’s discuss.

There are a number of products specifically designed to keep baby (and sometimes you) warm. There are babywearing coats that fit over both of you and can be worn on the front or back. The Kindercoat is one. It can be worn on the front or back and comes in different weights, from rain jacket to winter coat.

They also make a Kindervest:

There’s Monkey Pockets (I own one of these and LOVE it~B)

These are a wool or fleece cover for the carrier with an optional hood. She also makes sun carriers for summer.

For when baby is all snuggled down in the carrier, there are knit dickeys that cover baby’s head and shoulders:

BabyHawk makes a hoodie that you can attach to the inner of any carrier. It is a soft cozy lining with a hood. These would be great for any mei tai or soft structured carrier.

Calin Bleu makes cozy fleece wraps. These would also be easy to make yourself with just fleece yardage. There are fleece pouches, minky lined mei tais, woven wraps made with wool.

Some people prefer to wear something that is less draggy, like a pouch, ring sling or soft structured carrier, to avoid getting the ends of the carrier dirty. Here’s a great video (not by me) of how to  use a wrap without the tails touching the ground. You can adapt this info to a front carry or to a mei tai as well. Another option would be pretying or partially pretying the carrier before you go out. You can tie the knot on your hip to avoid it digging into your  back when you sit in the car. Stretchy wraps, if you have a smaller baby, can be well suited to this.

Babylegs are another must for winter babywearing. Baby’s pants ride up, exposing their skin. Babylegs are a great under layer.

You can wear baby (front carries) under your oversized coat, just zip it up over both of you. This is a great use for a maternity coat!

You can modify your existing coat with your knitting or sewing skills. You can also do a a knit or fleece poncho.

Some words from our model:

I love winter babywearing.  There’s nothing as comfortable as snuggling with your little one, knowing you’re both cozy warm and still able to enjoy the crisp days of fall and winter.  Most of our cold season babywearing consists of going on neighborhood walks/hikes and going from the car to stores.  I tried a couple of different options to see what worked best for my son and I.  I tried the kindercoat which consists of a fleece inner coat and a waterproof outercoat.  These two coats can be worn together or separately depending on what the weather dictates.  I did get some use out of the fleece inner coat, but overall I found I really preferred the kindervest to the coat.  I could see the kindercoat being fabulous for someone that’s not going to be doing very much physical activity and is going to be outside for quite some time.  The kindervest allows for front or back carries (as does the kindercoat) and we didn’t get overheated going on our walks.  In the vest as in the coat my son’s legs and arms could be completely covered and since he was against my body I didn’t have to regulate his temperature separately.  I knew if I was getting too hot, he likely was too.  Now, if only I could have figured out how to convince my son to keep his hat on! ~Av

Last winter, my daughter was learning to crawl, but still needed to be carried around when we were outside. Babywearing was wonderful and we were able to do so many fun things in the snow. My best tip is to make sure baby is warm and comfortable before you put her in the carrier. We really liked fleece coveralls last year because they kept her warm and were easy to take on and off. ~N