About our reviews

We have a lot of parents working on reviews. Keep an eye out for many great posts  coming soon! We like to have many parents, with different body shapes and babies of different ages, review each carrier. We find different perspectives helpful and hope you do, too!

To be upfront, all of the carriers we review are either donated to us or sold at a reduced price. We never review carriers that we wouldn’t recommend, though. We only solicit donations/discounts from companies whose products we would wear and recommend anyway. Many of the brands we have in the library are also owned by BWI of Peoria members. It’s important for us to be able to give our honest impressions on the carriers we have. We would never encourage anyone to buy a product that we found to be less than high quality. Not every carrier is a great match for every wearer, but every carrier reviewed here is one we find to be high quality, from a reputable company, a good carrier for some.