Comfy Joey Toddler Width Silk Ring Sling Review

By B


I tried this with my 3.5 year old, 35 lb “toddler” because he’s the toddlerest child I have available. We’ve been experiencing a resurgence in the babywearing love with all of these new carriers coming in!

First impressions:

I love the smell of silk!

These come with a DVD of the Wearing a Ring Sling portion of the Tummy 2 Tummy DVD, THE babywearing instructional DVD. I think this is very cool. Also, on the sewn in tag, there are mini wearing instructions.

Comfy Joey used to make the most beautiful, most compact pouches around. I own one and it still lives in my diaper bag for babywearing emergencies. They switched over to making ring slings a while ago and make some of the most beautiful ring slings around. Currently, there is the toddler silk, linen and water slings.

The toddler width silk is really toddler width! My tall 3 year old was able to squish in to ride arms in. I love the pattens these come in. They are classic, neutral AND they would be very good at disguising the stains and marks that are part of toddler wearing.

This is good for up to 35 lbs, which my son is. Now, this isn’t going to be suitable for going on a hike, but it will definitely get you through the grocery store. Ring slings fold up pretty small, so this would be a good diaper bag choice.

Ring slings are also a good choice for quick ins and outs. Since they are a more “poppable” carrier, these are great for running errands. I like to put a ring sling on under my coat when I know we are going to be in and out of the car a lot. I tuck baby in quickly and zip my coat around us both, then hurry into the store. That leaves my hands free to hold an older child’s hand, push a cart or carry bags.

When I nurse in a ring sling, I just loosen the sling until the baby is low enough, then nurse her upright. For a small baby, you can recline them into a cradle position if you desire. In that instance, be sure that the fabric comes up between you and baby and that baby is in a “check mark” position, rather than a “c” shape. Her chin should NEVER be pressed to her chest.

Ring slings are great to nurse in since you can use the tail for a little extra coverage. The tail can also be a sleep or sun shade or tuck over baby’s legs to protect from sun or cold. (Remember, before you put anything over baby’s face, put it over your mouth. If it’s hard for you to breath throught, it’s hard for baby to breath through!)

This is a little hard to adjust at first, but I’d bet that after washing and a bit of wear, it slides more easily.

I think something like this would be a great choice for a formal event.