Comfy Joey Linen Ring Sling Review

By B

I tried the Comfy Joey linen ring sling with my 5 month old. At first, when I put her into it, I thought, Ah, I guess we’re in that can’t-wear-a-ring-sling-because-we-won’t-bend-our-legs stage, where baby insists on keeping her legs straight. Since part of safely wearing a ring sling is having the fabric spread from knees to arm pits (at least), it can be really hard to wear the straight legged baby. You can’t really get a good seat. You just keep bending baby’s knees, seating her, spreading the fabric to her knees. She keeps standing up, causing the fabric to ride up to her butt. No fun. This is the stage of babywearing when I put ring slings away for a while. THEN, I had a brilliant idea! If I put her on my hip, she’ll be forced into a more seated position. Well, it worked! So, if you’re having trouble with baby straightening her legs and slipping in the ring sling, try hip carries for a while. Now, on to the actual review.

This ring sling, like all Comfy Joey slings comes with the Wearing a Ring Sling portion of the Tummy 2 Tummy video, a fantastic instructional video.

It’s made of linen. This means it needs a little breaking in before it’s super soft. Right out of the box, it’s a little crisp or crunchy. To break in carriers, I treat it like my “wubby”. I carry it around with me, I sit on it, I smush it around while I’m watching TV. I even sleep on them. (I won’t be sleeping on this one, though.) I’ve heard steam ironing is good for breaking them in as well, but I’m sort of anti iron. OK, so linen is really supportive. It’s also really breathable and cool. This would be a fantastic sling for summer. I’m also a huge fan of ring slings for running errands in cool weather. You can put the sling on, under your coat, before leaving. Then, you just pop baby from the carseat, right into the sling and close your coat around the both of you. Cozy!

Something cool about Comfy Joey is that they come out with new colors each season. So, you can get something summery for the summer, something fallish for fall. All of their stuff is really beautiful and stylish. You just feel put together in their carriers.

One of the best tips I have for wearing a ring sling is to make sure it is tight enough BEFORE you slip it on. A lot of people (me included, back in the day!) have trouble with the rings on their ring sling ending up too low, like in the middle of their chest. You want the rings to end up in a high corsage position. If your rings are ending up too low, you need to start with the sling tighter. Here’s a tip: the amount of space you need is the distance from your shoulder straight down (not diagonally) to your hip. If you start around that tight, you generally end up pretty close to where you need to be.

For nursing in a ring sling, you can recline baby to a cradle position (make sure you pull up that edge between you and baby and make sure baby’s body is shaped like a checkmark, rather than a C) or, my personal preference, nursing upright. I just loosen the sling until baby is at nipple height. I do have to use my hand to hold baby’s head when they are small, but it is much easier than the alternative. I have walked through stores, pushing a cart and nursing in a ring sling.

This would be a great diaper bag carrier as ring slings pack up really small. I’ve also heard of people keeping an emergency carrier in their glove box or hanging on their bed (to get 2 kids out in the event of a fire).

As for age, I really love a ring sling for newborns. That was the first carrier I wore my daughter in. You can wear a newborn upright from the beginning. It’s so cozy with them all balled up. A supportive ring sling is also great for toddlers, who like to get up and down too much to make it worthwhile to put into something more complicated.

My bottom line: IMO, these are among THE most beautful ring slings out there. They would be fantastic for any formal or fancy occasion, but they are sturdy enough for every day. They are much, much more affordable than other occasion slings I’ve seen. Great for the diaper bag and on the go, these work for every age.


Gratuitous adorable baby shot: