Sleepy Wrap Review


I know why they call this the Sleepy Wrap.  My daughter fell asleep every time I put her in this carrier!

Reviewed with a child 0-6 months (my daughter is 3 months old, approximately 11 lbs.)

Brief Description:

The Sleepy Wrap baby carrier is a wrap style carrier made of a single long piece of knit fabric.  It is simple with only wrapping and a tie necessary to get you on your way.  No buckles, straps, hoods or inserts here.


Learning Curve:

I was intimidated by the Sleepy Wrap at first.  I am most comfortable with a ring sling so the wrapping looked intricate and difficult.  I was wrong.  A quick tutorial from a friend and I was a pro at wrapping the Sleepy Wrap and popping my babe in.  I believe a person could easily learn how to use the Sleepy Wrap from a You Tube tutorial.



I used the Sleepy Wrap for a variety of acitivites.  Because the wrapping takes a bit more time than throwing on a ring sling, I would probably not use it for a quick in-and-out of the grocery store unless I wrapped it before I left the house.  However, a person could certainly wrap and tie it in the parking lot and then pop baby in.  This wrap is so incredibly comfortable that I would definitely use it for longer distances (hiking, longer shopping trips, park with older siblings, etc.).  Baby is super secure so I felt comfortable bending over to put dishes away or pick up something from the floor.  This wrap was wonderful for Baby’s fussy times.  As soon as I would put her in, she snuggled close and fell into a peaceful sleep.  My baby prefers to have her legs out of a carrier so she was comfortable with the leg positioning of this carrier.  I was happy that she was easily in a seated postion so her legs were not dangling.


Ease of Nursing:

I nursed my baby a few times while using the Sleepy Wrap and it was very easy.  I simply pulled my shirt down and Baby nursed in an upright position.  The wrap served as all the cover I needed to be discrete.  I even was able to be up and moving around while nursing with the Sleepy Wrap.



I found this carrier to be the warmest I have for Baby.  I put her in the Sleepy Wrap under my coat for an outdoor holiday activity and she was warm and cozy throughout the evening.  I tend to run warm myself, so I might find this carrier to be too warm for me in the summer.  However, with the fabric being a breathable knit, it might be cool enough.



With no buckles, etc., I found this carrier to be especially easy to stuff in my diaper bag.  I also used it to cover up Baby in the car.