Olives and Applesauce Soft Structured Carrier Review



I am reviewing this carrier with my 21
month old.


Brief Description

-The Olives and
Applesauce carrier is a Soft Structured Carrier.  It has a curved
waist belt, straight straps, an infant harness built into the body of
the carrier, and an adjustable hood. 


Learning curve

-I own and use an Ergo Baby Carrier, which is also an SSC, so I am familiar with this
carrier style.  I find most SSCs easy to use and simple to get on and
off.  If I were new to babywearing, this O&A SSC would be a great
carrier to try because of the built in infant harness.  Most other
SSC carriers require some type of extra device or a folded receiving
blanket to adequately support a smaller baby.  This O&A has a
built in harness which makes me think it would be much easier to use
with a small baby.  My ‘baby’ is 21 months old, and weighs 29
pounds, so I couldn’t actually use the harness with her



-The O&A SSC would be great for all types of activities.  During my review period,
I used the carrier while vacuuming the house, doing dishes, and on a
family walk.  For me, this carrier was great for long carries in the
front position because of the criss-cross back straps.  I could only
use it for short carries when my daughter was on my back.  I think
that is just a preference issue….I’m used to curved shoulder
straps and the O&A straps are straight. 



The most innovative feature is the infant harness built into the body of the
carrier.  I can’t wait to try that out when I have another baby

Weather considerations

I used the carrier outside on a family walk while it was cold and windy.  I
dressed my daughter in her warm winter clothes and she was toasty
warm!  I like how adjustable the straps are to accommodate the extra
clothing when wearing her outside in the cold.