Bamberoo Mei Tai

By B

I had an opportunity to work with Edit, the owner of Bamberoo, to have this carrier custom made. I’ve never had a custom anything made and I had lots of questions. I wanted to make sure we covered as many of their custom options as possible between the two carriers (we also have the Bamberoo Soft Structured Carrier). Between deciding on fabric, strap material, body size, body shaping, hood style, strap length, we had quite a few back and forths. Edit could not have been nicer or easier to work with. If you are in the market for a custom, I can recommend this vendor, if you can get a custom slot! She has a wide variety of beautiful fabrics for straps and body. Bamberoos are super customizable, so you can get exactly the carrier you want.

On to the carrier. I tried this with my 17ish lb 5 month old. She rode legs out and it was the perfect size. This carrier features a rounded headrest as well as the hood. This one is baby sized, with a flat body, rather than seat darts, so baby sits closer to the wearer. It has a flat hood, better to hold up a sleeping little one’s head. We went with the extra long shoulder straps, which, at 90″, are 10″ longer than the standard. This would be ideal if you are fluffy, busty or tall. The extra length was a little cumbersome for me (size 8), so I would only  get them if you actually need the length.

This is a PREMIUM carrier. This is the sort of thing I could wear all day. In fact, I did wear baby girl all day in this. We did chores around the house, then went for a walk. She fell asleep in this twice. This carrier is so supportive, she really felt weighless. I had the opportunity to use the hood. It clips onto the shoulder strap. It was easy to do and gave good head support. I’ve used this in front and back carries and the hood is easy to do myself in either.

I’m a huge fan of mei tais for on the go. For me, they are very easy to switch from front carries to back carries, without taking baby off.

I think mei tais are very easy to nurse in. I loosen the ties, lower baby to boob level and retie her. When she’s done, I bounce her back up to a kissable height and tie again. Mei tais offer great nursing coverage. Generally, people just think your child is asleep in there.


Mei tais are a good choice for warm weather as the open sides let air get to baby. They are suitable for year round. This would definitely be an option for a buy one carrier to go the distance. This would work for the duration of your babywearing career.

I find myself reaching for this carrier often when I know Baby Girl is going to fall asleep and I need to get things done. It is AMAZING for back carries and has awesome head support.