Best Seat in the House.

I’ve been giving my daughters the best seat in the house since I made the decision to babywear when my first daughter was around 6 weeks old. I remember how freeing it felt to be able to carry my daughter and be hands free at the same time.

I remember going to my first BWI meeting where I didn’t know anyone; I didn’t even see the mom who let me know about the group there. I was more worried about what to do if I needed to nurse my daughter. I wondered if anyone else would be nursing their babies or if I would get strange looks. All of my fears about wearing and nursing were gone as soon as I was done attending the meeting. From getting reassurance that I was wearing safely to the mom that told me what a good nurser I had (that mom will never know how much I appreciated ¬†and needed that compliment).

Giving my baby the best seat in the house also opened up my own world. I met other moms (I had no other friends at the time who were new moms), which I needed. Those moms helped to strengthen my nursing relationship with my daughter; I benefited from seeing women in public nursing and just meeting other breastfeeding moms. I saw moms cloth diapering; which then led me to want to cloth diaper my second child. These moms had a positive influence on me.

Giving my baby the best seat in the house allowed us to go places more easily since I didn’t need to worry about bringing a stroller. My babies had the best seat to see the world around them while still being close to me at the same time. I loved the experiences we had together while babywearing.

How has giving your children the best seat in the house benefited you?