Catbird Mei Tai

By H

Carrier: Catbird Baby


Reviewed with children age (s)

  • 6-18 months

Brief Description
Catbird is a mei tai style carrier, tying around your waist and around baby.  It can be used in forward, back & hip carries.  The colors and patterns are very stylish and come in a variety for suiting either mommy or daddy.

Learning curve
I typically use a SSC type carrier or a pouch.  This was a big learning curve for me because I am not used to making adjustments each time (i.e. tying to size) since my carriers are already adjusted to my size.  Because this was new to me, it took me a while to be sure I was tying the carrier in a supportive position for both me and baby. I had to request guidance from one of BWI of Peoria’s VBEs.(Volunteer Babywearing Educator)

I also found this article on weight distribution in front carries to be helpful

For back carries, I am used to using a chest strap, so I felt a little uncomfortable with the standard rucksack carry .  The VBE taught me how to do a Tibetan tie.  The ties are demonstrated here:  This type of tying helps distribute baby’s weight more evenly and allowed me to carry him for a longer stretch of time.

This would be a good everyday carrier.  Easy to use for housework and light walking, such as grocery shopping or mall walking.  Once you are accustomed to tying, it would be fairly easy to use this for medium quick trips (although I would worry about straps getting wet or dirty in inclement weather).

This carrier could be used from infant to toddler because of the range of adjustability.

Easy to fold up and the carrier would fit in a large diaper bag. Easy to fold flat in a suitcase for traveling or in a drawer or closet.

This would be easy for parents of different sizes to share since tying allows you to adjust.  Longer straps are available for people with a larger build.