Scootababy Review

By K

Carrier- Scootababy
Used with a 15 month old.
The Scootababy is a buckle carrier that is made to use in a hip carry position, mimicking a natural way to hold a child.
This carrier was new to me in the hip carry aspect, but I am familiar with buckle carriers. It was simple to use and would be good for a beginner as there are not many variations, but basically one way to wear your child.
The Scootababy is useful for many activities. It’s a great carrier for around the house. Doing laundry, dishes, and vacuuming were easy while wearing the Scootababy. It is also a great carrier for out and about. You can quickly slip it on and off, so trips to the store are simple. Its ease is comparable to a ring sling or buckle tai and it is even simpler than a wrap or mei tai, as there is nothing to tie or wrap.
One feature I loved about the Scootababy was the wide shoulder strap. It was spreadable and made of a stretchy material which was also supportive. It took pressure off of the shoulder in use and did not dig in at all. I also liked the ease in which the material slid through the buckles. This made it easy to adjust once you are wearing your child.
It was fairly easy to nurse in the Scootababy, however nursing discreetly without a cover would be difficult. I nurse in carriers only sometimes and having my child on my front is the easiest option for nursing at this point.
I feel that the Scootababy would be a good option for any type of weather. It doesn’t cover a lot of your body, so staying cool in the summer would be easy. It still allows your child to be snuggled in to you, therefore keeping you both a bit warmer in cool weather.
I felt like my child was very secure in the Scootababy. The straps pull tightly to keep her close and the body was the perfect size to keep her safe.  I feel like the Scootababy was a very safe carrier.
The Scootababy would be a good carrier for a baby from 6 months all the way past 2 years. Any child that you would normally carry on your hip would do well in this carrier.
One of my favorite features about the Scootababy was the drawstring bag that came with it. It folded up nicely and fit snugly into its bag. The bag slid right into a diaper bag or the car and made the carrier handy at all times.