Chocolate Cake

Picture your child eating a delicious dessert that you made. (Let’s
say, chocolate cake because who doesn’t like chocolate cake?) People
walking by stop and look at the cake you made.  “That looks so good”
they say.  “I tried to make some, my kids didn’t like it.”

I might think to myself, “who doesn’t like chocolate cake?” and “you
must have bought sugar free chocolate cake then”.

When I am wearing my baby, I hear many of the same comments again and again.
“I wish someone would carry me.”, “I wish they had those when my child
was a baby”,
“All snuggled up next to mom”
But the comment I hear more than any other is “I tried one of those
and my kids didn’t like it.”

I never know what to say in response.  Here is my initial thoughts,
“Your kids didn’t like being held close to their mom/dad?” (your kids
didn’t like chocolate cake?). “You must have tried them in one of
those “not-so good” carriers (the sugar- free cake).

In the end, I feel sorry for the parents and for the child because
they probably did want to wear their child but didn’t have support or
the knowledge to do so.

In the past, I would just smile and nod. Today, I am so happy to be
able to tell people there is a resource for them (or at least for them
to tell others about).  If they are interested in making chocolate
cake again, here is the recipe.