Babywearing makes for peaceful sleep

By B

Just some musings from me on the babywearing we’ve been doing lately: I’ve been wearing Baby Girl, 5.5 mos, on my back a lot these days, getting dishes done, doing laundry, helping Big Brother. Back carries have been so tremendously helpful to me in actually being able to get things done while I’m with my baby.

The three of us were baking cookies the other day and it struck me just how safe and secure babywearing make Baby Girl feel. I know that she always naps better in a carrier. When I get out the wrap and tie her on, she knows I’m not going to put her down. She doesn’t try to fight sleep, just goes with the flow. Anyway, we were making cookies and she fell asleep on my back in a wrap.

I turned on the mixer, mixing butter in a glass bowl. It was loud. She lifted her head a moment, looked around, realized I was still there and went back to sleep. This was so cool! That definitely would not have happened had she been asleep not on me. She knew that she was close to mama, so, even though there was a loud noise, she was tied in safe and cozy and she could rest. Yay, babywearing!

Another shot of the adorableness:

For any wrap geeks out there, this is a Girasol Big Sur, 3.6 m, tied in a Jordan’s Back Carry.