Comfy Joey Linen Ring Sling Review

By V

I used the Comfy Joey┬áring sling with my 3 month old son in a front carry. I am familiar with the ring sling but I remember when I first used one I thought it was fairly simple – although I had been accustomed to the pouch, which is similar. The tricky part for me is remembering which side I want the rings on! The ring sling isn’t my personal favorite carrier for an infant as I favor the stretchy wrap, however I do like the ring sling for quick access. It is nice to have a carrier around the house you can throw on in a hurry, drop baby in, and go about your duties as needed. It fits nicely in the diaper bag and is easy to put on when you’re out and about. It is a nice carrier to put on under your winter coat before leaving the house as it isn’t bulky. Then you can just drop baby in and cover with your coat as you walk outside.

I personally wouldn’t use a ring sling for a long period of time at this stage in my son’s life as he falls asleep quickly and I feel like I have to support with one hand when I’m trying to get things done around the house – and that requires lots of bending! Though he does love the rings to chomp on as we go about our business! I have found that it is my favorite carrier to use during Sunday School and at church due to its easy accessibility. I can cover up with the tail while nursing, pull it off and on quickly, and put it on while holding him, which is especially useful when he has fallen asleep.

I love the electric blue color of this carrier! The fabric is easy to move through the rings to adjust, yet I felt that he was very secure and the fabric didn’t slide out as we moved about. I would use this ring sling in any season here in good ole Illinois.


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