Bamberoo Mei Tai Review


Brief Description

The Bamberoo Mei Tai is a carrier with a soft body and 4 straps.  2  lower straps are tied around your
body to secure the carrier and the top 2 top straps are wrapped around mother
and baby to secure the baby in the carrier.

Learning curve

Mei tais are fairly easy carriers for a beginner to use.  One issue would be getting the carrier tight
enough to keep it or baby from sliding down but after some practice, I think it would not be an issue.


This carrier is great for a trip to the store or cleaning around the house.  The Bamberoo is very
comfortable.  It would fold up nicely for a trip out of town so it would be a nice vacation carrier. 


The Bamberoo  has padded shoulder straps.  This is one thing I noticed that I have not seen in some of
the Mei Tai carriers made by other companies.

Ease of nursing in this

I did not nurse in this carrier and usually don’t.

Weather considerations

The Bamberoo Mei Tai would be useful in any weather, I would just suggest being careful of the straps in
wet/snowy weather.  They could touch the ground and get wet if you’re not careful.


Once the Bamberoo is on it’s very safe.  I have a 23 month old that bounces and wiggles a lot and once
the straps are secure, he can do that without fear of falling.  The straps stayed tied and he safely stayed on my back during our holiday shopping.



The body of this particular Mei Tai is designed for babies, but it worked great for my 21 lb toddler.


I like the long straps.  It’s nice to have straps long enough to fit big mamas.