Sleepy Wrap Review

By V

I have been a baby wearer of 3 children for 3 1/2 years now and this past month was my first time trying out the Sleepy Wrap with my 1 month old son and I love it!!! I am accustomed to the Moby Wrap, another stretchy wrap, so the learning curve for myself was low. Compared to the Moby, the Sleepy Wrap needs to be wrapped more firmly around your body as the material has a lot of give and you don’t want baby to sag.

I do love the material of the Sleepy Wrap. I feel like it gives a bit more than the Moby. It feels like less fabric even though the lengths are comparable and it isn’t as hot.

On the go, I would wrap myself up before leaving the house and just put my babe in it when we arrived somewhere. Because the material is light, it isn’t cumbersome to wear in the car. When I do want to carry the Sleepy, it balls up tighter than the Moby and fills up the top of the diaper bag nicely.

I love this wrap for a newborn! I feel like my baby is safe and snug on me and he loves it! He falls asleep in it each time I wear it and I just tuck his head under one of the shoulder straps for head support. In fact, he is sleeping in it as I write this!