Babywearing While Pregnant



Baby-wearing over my growing baby-bump.

My son Fox, was the type of baby who couldn’t stand to be put down, ever. So scenes like this were pretty common around our house in the mornings. My Moby and eventually Action Baby Carrier became parts of my everyday wardrobe, and we both loved the benefits of being close. But then I got pregnant! Poor Fox quickly realized how his world was going to change being bumped from the privileged status of only-child to making room for the new baby. Sadly, even his favorite spot on my back was being affected. As my belly grew, the exhastion, nausea, and sore back led to wearing him less and less. I just hoped it was good practice to walk and hold my hand instead.

This last week or so has turned rough with some new separation anxiety and a very clingy little boy. Maybe I was inspired by the BWI meeting Monday night, but I decided to try our old morning trick and see if it might help. So this morning, I returned him to his special spot on my back while I got ready for work. I’d almost forgotten how great it was to be together like that while getting ready in the mornings. Working full time it’s so important not to waste those extra little bits of time we can spend connecting. Instead of propping him in front of  cartoon while I isolated myself in the bathroom, we played peek-a-boo in the mirror and Mater and McQueen raced a few laps over the back of my neck. I found that pulling the waste-band buckle up over my big belly was just as comfortable as when I used it wear it below. And distributing the weight evenly that way even made my back feel better than hoisting him up and down from my hip. And the best part was he got his needs met and when I had to leave for work, there were no tears, just a big kiss and a “bye-bye mommy!” I suppose it’s not too late for a New Year’s Resolution, so I’m going to get back in the routine of baby-wearing. And I may be wearing one on the inside for now, but this is warming me up for wearing them together in a couple of months!




2 thoughts on “Babywearing While Pregnant

  1. I love seeing you wearing him in the morning! That is such a great way to spend extra time with your son, thanks for sharing the idea and inspiration. I wondered if you felt any pressure on your belly from the strap and buckle?

  2. Hi Sheri! I asked the author of this post your question. She replied on our FB page. I thought I’d copy it here for you. ~B
    From KS
    I was asked if I had pressure on my belly carrying this way- the first time I tried him on my back with the belly pretty big, I felt a little pressure on my chest, like it was hard to breathe. I adjusted a bit though and was able to find a comfortable position and have not had that feeling since. I’m carrying this baby low so there is plenty of room for the buckle and I do not feel pressure on the belly. I think it’s better than holding him in front, which is what I’m always doing without a carrier, and then he sits right on top of the bump which does start putting that pressure on after a while. I’ve wondered if that’s why this baby is so low- big brother is always sitting on him.

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