How to Make Drool Pads


Today I decided to make a pair of drool pads for my carrier.  I am wearing a one year old that loves to chew on the straps of my carrier so I thought I should really get a pair of covers so I don’t need to wash my carrier so often and protect the straps from fading.

First I cut 2 pieces each of designer cotton fabric and terry cloth 8″ x 11″

I then pinned the wrong sides together, leaving a 2″ gap for turning on one side.

I sewed a 1/2 seam allowance around all three sides starting at my pin marking the gap and stopping at the other side of the gap.

Then clip your corners and turn right sides out and iron flat

I topstitched the drool pads to close the opening and make everything lay nice and flat.


You could use velcro or snaps to keep your drool pads closed.  I decided to use snaps for mine since I have longish hair and didn’t want anything to snag on the velcro.  I used three and spaced them out with one in the middle at 3.5″ and the other two 1.5″ from the top and bottom.  I think next time I will move the top and bottom snaps to 1″ instead of 1.5″.   I placed snaps 1″ in from the seam on the underside and .5″ in from the seam on the opposite end so the pad ends up about 4″ in width to accommodate most shoulder straps.  Remember to make sure you place your snaps on facing the correct way since they are a pain to remove once pressed into place.